Gotta Get Thin – Make This Year THE Year to Lose Weight

This is not just another article about losing weight in the New Year. This is a tested, proven, successful way to actually make it happen! Forget all the trendy, extreme diets this year—they never work. Allow real experts to help you be successful in a way that will leave you happier, healthier and able to focus on what you want to, instead of obsessing over what you hate.

“Chances are, it’s not your fault that you have been unable to lose weight,” said Paul Williams, DC. “Maybe you’ve joined a gym and exercised like a fiend with little results, or you’ve tried a fad program and lost some weight, only to gain it right back—the problem is that, in those situations, you’re set up for failure from the very start. The only way to truly burn and keep the fat off is to address the underlying causes of a slow metabolism, which can be so many things, such as specific deficiencies within the body, improper hormone imbalance, etc. Our NutriMost program uses state-of-the-art techniques to determine what those causes are, so that we can attack them vigorously. That’s why our customized plans have been effective for many people who have previously been stuck in the vicious yo-yo diet cycle.”

This behind-the-scenes approach works, no matter what has halted your weight loss in the past. “Our approach allows people to naturally overcome their weight and health challenges,” Dr. Williams said. “Rather than utilizing dangerous drugs or hormones, having someone undergo surgery or putting them on a regimen of processed foods, we focus on teaching people what foods work best for their bodies and the nutritional strategies that are not only going to help them lose the weight, but maintain it for the rest of their lives. Those are different strategies for different people. We all know that everyone looks different, thinks differently, acts differently and their bodies are different as well, so why would one set of weight- loss instructions work for everyone? The answer is, they often don’t, which is why we put such a strong emphasis on customizing a unique program for each patient. By doing that, we get to the root cause of each individual’s weight issues, and therefore create an optimal solution for him or her.”

In addition to customization, Gotta Get Thin utilizes support and education to attain real, lasting results. “Support is critical to the process,” explained Dr. Williams. “Losing weight can seem like an extremely difficult task to most people, but it’s a lot easier when they don’t have to go it alone. We strive to support every patient to the fullest extent that it’s needed—we have people text in their weight every day, so we can monitor their progress and get ahead of any issues, should they arise. We also have people come into the office regularly for special weigh-ins, so we can make sure the pounds they’re dropping aren’t muscle or water weight. Finally, the education aspect of our program is what is going to allow people to keep the weight off for the rest of their lives. Obviously, a big part of that is understanding the foods that fit best for your body, as well as the proper eating habits to go with them. However, we think one of the biggest things we do to help people keep it off is educating them on how they can keep the weight off and still enjoy all life has to offer. Holidays, vacations, special occasions happen, and people should enjoy them, but there are simple tips and tricks that people can use to get right back on track if they’ve gone a little overboard.”

We are all human, and we all deserve to let loose once in a while…so the ability to correct holiday indulgence or vacation treats is extremely important for long-term goals that last. Gotta Get Thin understands this and is prepared to deal with it. They wouldn’t set such large goals for their patients if they didn’t believe they were achievable! “We guarantee most patients who do our normal plan will lose at least 20 pounds,” stated Dr. Williams. “If they haven’t lost the weight in the traditional timeframe, we extend their program at our cost until they reach the 20-pound threshold.”

Call 855.995.THIN (8446) to schedule a consultation and body composition analysis (a baseline assessment of your body’s current metabolism and fat storage). You can also schedule online at Mention Forsyth Magazines, and you’ll get a body composition analysis for only $27, compared to the regular rate of $99.

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