It’s A Grand Life – Moving On

Move? You mean like packing up most everything you own and leaving? Whose bright idea was that? Oh yeah, mine.

After 29 years in the same house and seeing the accumulation of not only our daughters’ things, but also those of both sets of parents, not to mention our own, the prospect seemed daunting. As it turned out, it was not only daunting, but back-breaking. Our home offered lots of space, and what was deemed the “playroom” in later years became the “drop your junk” room.

I am one that feels the need to go through every box that’s been stored to make sure there isn’t a drawing from kindergarten one of the girls made that I can’t bear to part with. Never mind that it has been unseen for nearly 30 years. In taking the time to meticulously go through every card, note, picture, papier-mache sculpture, etc. in a number of boxes, it became clear that I would never be able to do that with the multitude of items still in front (and in back and beside) of me in the time allotted. So, what to do?

Well, in my case, you have reasonable people around to help you throw things out. When they leave and the moving truck date is set, it is time to put sentimentality aside, open a box, glance at the contents, and then either tape the box up or put it in the dumpster that now sat behind my house. Surprisingly, the dumpster tossing became quite cathartic. I may later regret throwing some things in it, but doubt it as I am sure if I could live without it for all these years, senior moments will make me forget I ever had them!

The question most ask is why are we moving? Well, grandchildren of course! Oh, and our daughters and sons-in-law, too. We were approached by someone wanting to buy a building we owned and our home without them being on the market. It happened at a time when we wanted to move closer to at least some of our family. The piece of the puzzle that makes me sure that God had a hand in all of this, is finding the perfect property to build our dream home on. I have always wanted a water view of some sort, and this fit the bill. It will put us farther from our eldest daughter’s family, but as we will be near the ocean, with intracoastal waterway access, they are adjusting. Plus, her sisters are building homes on the same property, so when they visit us, they get to see them, as well.

My husband and I look forward to watching our fabulous grands grow up on a daily basis instead of an every now and then time frame, and spending days at a time, instead of a few hours, with the others at each visit.

I am asked, after all these years, won’t I miss Winston-Salem? There are a number of things and people I hate leaving behind, but we are moving to Wilmington, not Timbuktu! As many times as I have driven back and forth, I am sure I will find my way back to see friends and attend functions.

We look forward to designing and building our home, sitting on our porch looking out at a beautiful view, watching our grandchildren play, hearing their laughter, throwing out a crab trap and relaxing! I look forward to continuing my writing, drawing inspiration from the wonders around me, and the experiences and tales my grandchildren will regale me with.

So, now that the boxes have travelled to and have been placed in our temporary home, I find myself, once again, sitting with a multitude of boxes all around me. What to do first? Well, as Super Bowl champions say, I’m going to Disney World!