Gratefull! Hopefull! The Journey Continues, Part 5

I’m writing this the week before my surgery and everything is about to get real, as if it hadn’t already! I sure have enjoyed this time of recuperation from my last chemo. Food is tasting a little more normal to me now; I have a head full of peach fuzz, and that’s a big yippee!

I’ve not mentioned this before, but my PET scan in January revealed a spot on my thyroid, and a biopsy confirmed it was cancer. I’m having my thyroid removed at the same time, so that was good news to be able to combine those. The doctors say thyroid cancer is very slow-growing, and that was definitely good news!

I’ve had more than my fill of doctor appointments in the last two weeks and have now met with the radiation oncologist, plastic surgeon, endocrine surgeon, along with my pre-op appointments. I have six weeks of radiation to look forward to, but side effects seem mild compared to chemo. Breast reconstruction will be a separate surgery several months from now, but at least I understand my options better.

Needless to say, I will be glad to get this all behind me, after anticipating it for several months now. I’m in great hands with an amazing medical team, God and family with me every step of the way! I thank everyone for their prayers and well-wishes along this journey!

You’re probably tired of hearing me say it, but the love and care has been humbling and overwhelming. Two of my dearest friends, Kristin and Sandy, really overwhelmed me with filling my empty flower pots with the most beautiful flowers. Our church does a “Worship without Walls” once a year, and I was their project. So, on a cold and rainy Sunday morning, they showed up on my doorstep with smiles on their faces, an armful of flowers and the most yummy breakfast! How sweet was that? Someone recently put two bags of birdseed on my front porch, too, and I have no idea who. Many thanks to whoever you were, and my birds and raccoon thank you, too. Yes, I have a certain frequent furry visitor that will empty my birdfeeder if I don’t pull it in at night. Oh well, a raccoon has to eat too, right?

A huge thanks to Keela Johnson (a breast cancer survivor herself), Forsyth Woman magazine and Mac & Nelli’s for the Robin-tini drink special at the May “Girls’ Night Out”! Lori Shaver, owner of Mac & Nelli’s, went all-out with pink roses on every table and pink balloons adorning the dining room. Donations were made that night, and Lori wanted me to choose the charity. I decided on Wake Forest Baptist Imaging, which has a fund called Positive Pink Power, or 3P Fund, that helps fund mammograms for ladies that may not be able to afford them otherwise. Thanks to all those who attended GNO in support of breast cancer!

Life is sweet, life is good! I remain grate-full and hope-full!

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