Gratefull! Hopefull! The Journey Continues, Part 9

Despite having to limit my time in the sun and wear a swim shirt to protect my skin, my Florida vacation was everything I could hope for! Second to being with my favorite humans on the planet, I was surrounded by God’s beautiful creations, splendid sunsets, palm trees, and amazing wildlife. Wonderful days spent on the beach, eating delicious food and the best ice cream ever from Haze Ice Cream in Indian Rocks Beach! A sunset sail, walks on the beach, completing a jigsaw puzzle and fun nights listening to local musicians at Crabby Bill’s and John’s Pass. No doubt, heading to one of my favorite destinations the day after finishing six weeks of radiation was the perfect way to celebrate finishing yet another milestone in my journey!

The Breast Vacation!

Apparently having cancer has turned off my perceptiveness to upcoming surprises. That or I have some very stealthy friends! I was totally surprised when my dear friends, Michele, Keela and Sandy, held a prayer circle for myself and my friend Julie, battling pancreatic cancer, right before we started chemotherapy in December. I was totally surprised in July when the Pink Heals fire trucks roared into my neighborhood while I was recuperating from my mastectomy. Three for three, can you believe I was totally surprised when a large group of friends gathered to shower me with love and overwhelm me with their generous gifts for “The BREAST” vacation? Keela Johnson, friend and sister by choice, organized an amazing night that I’ll never forget. She is a cancer survivor herself and is a constant beacon of hope for me on this journey I find myself on. I thank each and every person that was a part of that and a special thanks to Julie and Butch Holland for allowing us to be a guest at their vacation home in Beaufort. We are so excited for this upcoming time to relax!

Kindness Rules!

I cannot begin to express my gratitude for all the wonderful kindnesses shown to me over these past few months. I apologize for not being able to name everyone individually, but you know who you are and you know I am forever thankful for each and every one of you! Neighbor Dan has continued to shower me with a never-ending supply of yummy soup from his restaurant, Mikhael’s Cafe & Catering, in Greensboro. So much so, that I have been able to share with many of my friends and family. Neighbors Suzie and Katherine have taken over my Panera Bread pick-up duty for the Clemmons Food Pantry until I can take it back over. Annette Eaton, a friend I haven’t done a very good job of keeping up with, sent me the most fun surprise for vacation! How do you like my hat and glasses? Just know that kindnesses matter, big or small, they each matter, so never underestimate the power that one small act can have!

I’m definitely seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Still getting a drug called Herceptin every three weeks, which is no big deal as far as side effects. I just had my follow-up visit with my radiation oncologist, Dr. Karen Winkfield and I don’t have to see her for a year. She is absolutely radiant, so while I don’t miss having to see her for the cancer, I will miss her radiance! I can feel myself getting stronger with every day. My hair continues to grow, and folks still ask if they can feel it, but I can tell it is probably about to start looking crazy as it continues to grow, but be too short to cut or style.

I remain GrateFull and HopeFull!


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