From the Heart, August 2017

Summer has certainly descended upon us and with all her glorious heat! This is probably the first summer on record ever that I have not been to the swimming pool by this point. Undergoing radiation therapy requires me not to be out in the sun, and so far with this heat, it’s been fairly easy to make myself stay in the AC. However, I am counting down the days until my annual Florida vacation, and it will be impossible to stay inside then! This year’s vacation will mean a little less fun in the sun than I like, but I’m grateful to be going at all, so I will try to behave and stay in the shade as much as possible!

August will also bring a few more changes to my usual way of life, as my youngest daughter Morgan was accepted into the Occupational Therapy grad program at ECU and will be moving to Greenville, NC. At the same time, Briana’s and Jonathan’s apartment lease is up, and they want to hold off purchasing their first home until they know where Jonathan will be working. I am thrilled to have them and grandcat Nala, stay with us for as long as they need to, and it will certainly help ease Tim and me back into the life of empty nesters.

Shallowford Animal Hospital is featured on our cover this month. Dr. Eads and his staff with their furry friends are ready to help with your pets needs. This was a fun photo shoot, trying to get the dogs all to look at the camera—thanks, Desilu Photography, for capturing this fun moment! Be sure to read about Hoots and Hollers on pages12 & 13. Clemmons UMC has some wonderful new things starting up soon on pages 20 & 21, and football is in the air with WFU, see pages 66 & 67.

Enjoy these last days of summer before the yellow school buses start rolling again!