How to Help Motivate Your Friends to Work Out


It’s getting towards the end of the year and that means workout motivation can start becoming pretty low. Parties, activities, social gatherings can all take the place of working out during the holiday season. Let’s all get motivated and stay motivated together going into 2018!

We all have that friend who cancels on us last minute for a workout or who just refuses to even tease the idea of working out. However, you can help them! Here are several tips and tricks on how to help motivate your friends to start working out and stay working out.

  1. Meet them halfway. Especially if your friend just started working out, she may not be on the same level as you in terms of fitness. Suggest options for a workout at all levels and let her choose which workout she wants to do.
  2. Do not add pressure. Instead of telling them why they should work out and making it all about their lives, offer more tidbits about your life and why you love working out.
  3. Share your story with them. Share the reason why you do work out and how it has changed your life. Don’t be scared of vulnerability. Your friend could be intimidated and feel insecure about working out and you sharing your story could open their heart up.
  4. Encourage and educate them. Be helpful and offer tips without overstepping your boundaries. Offer encouragement always! Give them your favorite health and fitness websites.
  5. Take a walk or hike. It’s always a great option to take a walk and enjoy time together outdoors. You are getting good exercise and time to catch up.
  6. Plan workouts together. Make a plan once for your first workout together and then try to make it a consistent thing. Do not overwhelm your friend with 5 days a week of working out together; it could be just a once-a-week workout.
  7. Hold each other accountable. Make a plan for when you will work           out on your own and text each other in the morning to make sure you stuck to your workout. Having a workout buddy who holds you accountable is a good reminder to get your body moving.

Here is a beginner strength workout that is great for both beginners and advanced. Just add more weight if it’s too easy, or take weight off to make it easier.

  • Warm up for 3 minutes with alternating jumping jacks, marching or jogging in place and reverse lunges.
  • Leg Set: Do 15 reps of each exercise and 3 total sets before moving on.
    • Right Lunge with Weight in Left Hand
    • Left Lunge with Weight in Right Hand
    • Narrow Squats with Shoulder Press
    • Glute Bridges Up and Down
  • Upper Body Set: Do 15 reps of each exercise and 3 total sets before moving on.
    • Alternating Rows Right and Left
    • Front Shoulder Raises with Squat in the Middle
    • Bicep Curls into Shoulder Press
    • Tricep Extensions
  • Core: Do 1 minute of each exercise, 3 times through.
    • Plank Hold (on knees or toes)
    • Sit Ups (with weights in hand or no weights)
    • Side Plank Hold—30 seconds Right and 30 seconds Left

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