Here’s Why You Should Switch up Your Workouts


Have you been doing the same workout for years? If so, have you thought about changing it up? I’m here to encourage you to do just that! There are tons of benefits to switching up your workout routine, including avoiding a weight loss plateau, preventing burnout, discovering new muscles and meeting new friends!

I’ll be honest with you; I used to do the same workout routine every single week for two years. This was when my husband was in medical school in Tennessee, and I found a workout I loved, so I stuck to it. The workout was Insanity (which is awesome and will make you sweat buckets), and it’s basically high-intensity interval training combined with boot camp. I loved it and kept coming back to it, but then I reached a point where I was completely burned out and did not want to work out anymore. If you keep doing the same routine every day, you know what to expect and so does your body. Therefore, you don’t push yourself as hard as you normally would when doing a different workout.


One of the biggest reasons to switch up your workouts is to avoid the weight-loss plateau, or even worse: gaining weight because you’re not pushing yourself. If you do a different workout a couple of times a week and switch it up, you will push yourself to work different muscle groups and work harder to get those moves down. Most of the time, motivation comes out of challenging ourselves to be better each day. Challenge your muscles (and your brain) by trying new exercises!


I know towards the end of my two-year stretch of doing the same workouts every week, I stopped looking forward to working out, and my muscles were tired. I kept working the same muscle groups over and over and those muscles were screaming, “No, we’re done!” I needed to work different muscles by trying new exercises. Even more so, mentally, we need to be engaged and look forward to exercising. Success lies in showing up every day and being eager and willing to work out. If we expect the same thing day after day, we will get burned out pretty quickly.


For me, exercise is just as social as it is physical. Everyone is different, and some of us prefer to work out alone, some of us prefer to work out in groups, and then some of us love both. I’ve found that when I try a new workout class, I end up meeting new friends along the way. Whether it’s a new yoga studio in Winston-Salem or trying Pure Barre, I get to encounter new people and, usually, there is another newbie in the class, so you can bond over being new.


You definitely don’t want to completely overhaul your fitness regimen all at once. Start small! For example, take out one workout a week and replace it with something new. This could be a new class at your gym, trying a new studio around your house or checking out a new workout video on YouTube. When I’m feeling burned out and need motivation, I spend a few minutes on YouTube exploring workouts and always end up finding one that is fun and challenging at the same time. Once you start switching one workout a week, then you can ready yourself for more change. Start adding in more each week until you’ve reached your challenging zone, where you’re engaged mentally, looking forward to the workouts and your body is saying, “YES!” There is no perfect formula that everyone follows, do what is right for you.

As long as you’re moving every day, working hard, and staying happy, then you’re golden!

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