Hillcrest Vision: A Great School Year is in Sight!

So much excitement surrounds the launch of the back-to-school season that it can be easy to overlook one of the most important elements of your child’s learning environment: their vision.

Happily, glasses can make quite the fashion statement these days, and convincing your kids and young teens to wear them isn’t the chore it once was, especially with the right vision specialists on your “back-to-school” team. At Hillcrest Vision in Winston-Salem, there’s a personal touch to every aspect of the eye exam, from a huge welcome at the front desk to the moment you pick up your new glasses and see what’s ahead of you in a whole new light!

Current patients of Hillcrest Vision are huge fans of Dr. Juawana Hall and Dr. Lisa McAllister, as well as their talented staff, which includes optician Joey Mahaffey, who’s ready to help your youngest family members navigate the world of finding frames that suit their personality.

The dedicated folks at Hillcrest Vision are known for providing awesome personalized attention when it comes to their patients’ individual needs. With so many of us glued to computer screens all day for work, many patients struggle to find the best mix in alternating between glasses and contacts, and choosing the right lens type for their particular daily routine. Although your child’s vision issues may be less complex, seeing experts who truly get to know them is the best path to healthy vision.

Why is this the best time of year to schedule your child’s vision exam? We asked Dr. Hall to zero in on her Top Five reasons to call now!

  1. Eighty percent of learning is visual, and not every child will complain of a sight problem. It’s best to have them checked out, so they start the school year off right. Things to watch for—headaches, a slower reading speed than usual, poor comprehension, and reversing letters—can all be linked to eye or vision problems.
  2. Contacts are actually a great option for kids—and a good way to start off the school year—with daily disposable contact lenses now widely available. With no worries about cleaning and disinfecting, they make this the safest and easiest way to wear contact lenses, and are also perfect for part-time wearers.
  3. We all feel it: the allergies that sometimes complicate the otherwise beautiful fall months. It’s almost time for those seasonal allergies to strike, and if that includes your child or teen, it’s best to get started on allergy medicines before the season hits and your eyes fall victim to the irritation.
  4. With our constant use of technology, a fall eye exam is also a smart time to have your child evaluated for any signs of digital eyestrain, and consider setting limits on screen time at home. Two hours a day is the maximum recommended for healthy eyes, and this includes TV, iPads, and cell phones, as well as computers.
  5. New fall eyewear styles have hit the market in a big way, making the once boring task of choosing a new pair of glasses now fun and exciting. Current styles are so unique that many kids wear glasses without needing a prescription—to match their fashion choices—so there’s never been an easier or more stylish time to see the world more clearly!

Hopefully, you’re already reaching for the phone to make an appointment with Hillcrest Vision, conveniently located at 2341 Winterhaven Lane in Winston-Salem, just off Stratford Road. For appointments, call 336-760-2020, and remember to follow them on Facebook. Office hours are Monday through Thursday, 8:00 a.m.–5:30 p.m.; and Friday 8:00–1:00 p.m. The practice is currently accepting new patients and can’t wait to give your children their very best look at a brand new school year!