Hill’s Lexington BBQ

Hill’s Lexington BBQ has been serving the original Lexington barbecue in Winston-Salem for more than six decades. Real “Lexington Barbecue” is the only barbecue worth making…which is typically the opinion of anyone who grew up in this area. Hill’s is officially the home of this original, delicious style. Since Founder Joe Hill was from Lexington, he knew bringing the best of the best to neighboring Winston-Salem would be a big hit!

What began as a drive-restaurant – very popular in the 1950s – remains popular today. Joe’s wife, Edna, is often credited with the massive success of Hill’s during the beginning because of her strong work ethic and countless hours spent serving customers and building the business from the ground up. Today, Edna’s portrait hangs proudly behind the cash register.

Joe and Edna’s son, Gene, is also responsible for making Hill’s what it is today. “He ran the business from the mid-1950s through the mid-1990s, and he did so much hard work to make the business what it is,” said J.R. Hill, Gene’s son and current owner. Many decades later, J.R. continues the legacy they created in the original location on Patterson Avenue in Winston-Salem.

J.R. often attributes the immense success of Hill’s Lexington Barbecue to the “…personal touch and friendly” service customers receive, as well as, “…of course, the good food!” Authentic Lexington barbecue takes work to deliver the flavor and tenderness area residents and visitors expect. “Barbecue has to have that special touch to be really good,” said J.R. “The chopped barbecue consists of generous pieces that are not basted while cooking. It is cooked over hardwood coals, mostly hickory. It’s very lightly sauced in the kitchen; it’s a good mix of outside brown and has a good smoky taste, a rich flavor and nice texture. It’s perfect with sauce and slaw.”

People who grew up in this area know what it takes to make the right kind of barbecue whether they are able to create it themselves or not. It requires just the right consistency and just the right flavor without ever being a thick sauce that is easily visible on the meat. The sauce used at Hill’s Lexington BBQ is a hot, peppery, thin sauce which penetrates the meat better than thicker sauces.

Whether you are into barbecue or not, there is something delicious waiting to satisfy everyone at Hill’s Lexington Barbecue. In addition to the mouth-watering meat, Hill’s Lexington BBQ is known for its banana pudding, hush puppies and fried squash. The legacy that Joe and Edna Hill began so many years ago is still alive and well at Hill’s Lexington BBQ in Winston-Salem. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, stop by anytime to treat yourself to the best. Catering is offered as well for all types of events.

Hill’s Lexington BBQ is located at 4005 Patterson Avenue in Winston-Salem. They are open Tuesdays-Sundays from 7am-8pm. For more information, email hi3498@aol.com, or call336.767.2184.