Humane Society of Davie County & Paws in the Park Helping Animals Along to Their Happy New Beginnings

To see “Mowgli,” formerly named “Tennessee,” today in his forever home, his mom, Elizabeth, by his side, you’d never imagine his journey to his happy life or how your donations through events like the Humane Society of Davie County’s (HSDC) Paws in the Park help animals like Mowgli, every day.

A Sad Past, A Happy New Start…

There’s no way to know exactly what Mowgli’s life was like before he was found in an abandoned apartment by Officer Hurley of the Mocksville Police Department, but it couldn’t have been very good. “The landlord of an apartment complex called the Mocksville Police Department to report abandoned animals, a cat and dog. Officer Hurley believed the dog, skin and bones, had been there, alone, for over a month, living off of trash and toilet water. Tennessee and his cat friend were taken to Davie County Animal Control; the cat was adopted, and Animal Control asked HSDC to take Tennessee. Volunteers and staff members worked for over six months helping Tennessee gain weight, get healthy and work on his confidence and trust of others, which was hard to do. Along with working to socialize Tennessee, HSDC paid for his neuter, vaccinations, specialty food to help with his digestion problems, microchip, flea/tick and heartworm preventative for almost eight months,” said Carrie DuPre, HSDC Marketing Manager. Tennessee became a volunteer and staff favorite, giving and receiving love, but he needed to find his forever home. When Elizabeth came to visit HSDC, she and Tennessee, now named Mowgli, were a perfect match, but this happy ending wouldn’t have been possible without the donations to the HSDC through events like Paws in the Park.

Tanglewood Festival of Lights Brightens Up the Lives of Animals

Since 2013, HSDC has sponsored Paws in the Park, for people to come with or without their four-legged BFFs, enjoy a stroll through the magical land of lights in Tanglewood Park, sample delicious offerings from food trucks and do a little shopping, all to support HSDC’s adoption center.

“The funds raised from Paws in the Park keeps our adoption center running, funding the operating budget, allowing us to continue bringing in homeless pets, providing them with proper medical care and giving them a safe sanctuary until they, like Mowgli, start their happy new beginning. We can spend anywhere from $200 to $800 per animal, depending on how long they stay with us and what type of care they need before their adoption. We do not come close to recouping the entire amount spent on an animal through the adoption fee. Some animals come in and need spay/neuter, microchip and shots updated. Then there are the ones needing dental care, treatment for intestinal parasites, emergency bottle feeding, growths removed, mange or heartworm treatment, etc. We want to get these wonderful animals who need help the best veterinary care we can, and that costs money,” Carrie commented.

Paws in the Park has grown each year, with over 1,000 walkers, many with their pups by their side. “This year is our third Paws in the Park, and we hope to reach 1500 or more walkers. Tanglewood Festival of Lights is a great way for people and their dogs to come out and get in the holiday spirit, not only through the walk but with the great food and shopping we will have once again this year. Our volunteers will be located throughout the walk to help with any questions. This is one of the highlights of our organization each year,” stated Carrie.

HSDC’s biggest outreach is the Spay/Neuter Clinic, a monthly program that offers pet owners low-cost spay and neuter. “HSDC signs up the pets, and Planned Pethood of Greensboro sends a truck to pick up the animals for their surgery, returning them the following day. Spaying and neutering pets to prevent unwanted litters of dogs and cats is the only way to lower the homeless pet population in our state. It is our most important outreach, and Paws in the Park allows us to keep our building and clinic in operation. Happy new beginnings like that of Mowgli and his mom, Elizabeth, is what motivates us each day to do what we do,” Carrie said.

This year’s Paws in the Park is on November 15th, 2016, 6 pm–9:30 pm. For more information on the event, visit The cost is $20 for one adult, $35 for two adults, and $40 for two adults and all accompanying children. Prices will rise the night of. The Humane Society of Davie County is located at 291 Eaton Road, Mocksville, NC. Visit their website, or call 336-751-5214 for more information. Adoption hours are Tuesday–Friday, 11am–5pm; Saturday, 10 am–2 pm.