Keeping it Real: The Woman Behind Working Out, Nutrition, and C3 Fitness

By Debbie McCaffrey

YOU are in for a treat this month. Who, me? Yes, you. If you are reading this article, then you have stumbled upon a light, relatable and true-to-life interview with C3 Fitness owner, Kelly Lewis. If anyone has captured the heart of Forsyth Family readers, Kelly has. With her passion for wellness, her sincere concern for others and her endless energy…she has gained the respect and admiration of many of you. Rather than focus on an informative article this month, I challenged Kelly to sit in the “hot seat.” (I can do that because I’m not just her client, I’m also her best friend [wink]). We discussed the opportunity to give the readers a chance to learn more about the woman behind C3 Fitness. In true Kelly fashion, she took the challenge, embraced it and conquered the task at hand. Enjoy getting to know this talented woman just a little bit better.  

DM: “Hey Kelly! We’ve done a lot of things together in the past 12 years, but I’m not sure that I’ve ever interviewed you! You ready to roll?”
KL: “Ready as I’ll ever be! Let’s do this thing!”

DM: “Awesome! I’ll ask you a simple question and you reply with a simple answer. That sound good?” (We both laugh. As if either of us are ever short on words!)
KL: “Okay, I’ll do my best. What’s question #1?”

DM: “We’ve watched you launch C3 Fitness and succeed at building a thriving new business. How do you balance being a business owner with being a dedicated wife and mom?”
KL: “Truthfully, it all comes down to a strong support system in my life. My husband, Bowman, our two children, and my friends are a significant part of my ability to do both roles (relatively) well. I would also say that being organized is key. Anyone who knows me can attest to the fact that organization doesn’t come easy to me, but it is a vital part of balancing a business and a family.”

DM: “Those are great thoughts. That leads me to the next question. What finally pushed you towards accomplishing your goal of being a Certified Personal Trainer and opening your own studio?”
KL: “Oh! That’s easy! My husband Bowman had grown weary of hearing me just talk about my dreams. One day he finally said, ‘I’m going to order these books for your Personal Training Certification if you don’t! The time is now!’ Needless to say, I ordered the books and I depended on that push from the nest.”

DM: “Most people would be surprised to hear you say that you lacked confidence in starting your own business. Is that an accurate statement?”
KL: “For sure. The truth is, that it wasn’t only about what I lacked (confidence), it was also about what I possessed, and that was a boatload of fear!”

DM: “Interesting. Can you tell us more about that?”
KL: “Sure. Opening C3 Fitness has been an incredibly proud moment for me, both personally and professionally, because I had to push through very real challenges. Fear of failure was at the top of that list. However, C3 has truly been an amazing leap of faith. I’ve grown in every way as an individual, and it is a dream fulfilled. Dreams that come true rarely come easily.”

DM: “I think that what you have shared will resonate with many of the readers. Both men and women. If it’s okay with you, I’d like to switch gears to a few fun questions with easy answers. You up for that?”
KL: “For sure!”

DM: “What do you like to do when you aren’t busy training?”
KL: “I love relaxing beach vacations and spending time with my friends. Spending time with my friends at the beach is even better!”

DM: “What is your food ‘guilty pleasure’?”
KL: “A hot fudge brownie sundae! No doubt about it!”

DM: “Yum! How many burpees does it take to work off a brownie sundae?”
KL: “Don’t ask.” (laughs)

DM: “Fair enough. Okay, that was enough of a break for you! Let’s get back to a few more probing questions.”
KL: “I thought that was coming.” (wink)

DM: “You display such confidence. Do you ever feel insecure?”
KL: “Absolutely! Especially if I slip up and begin comparing myself to others. I think it is human nature to feel insecure from time to time. Every year that passes, though, I get better at avoiding that trap. It’s so liberating to feel satisfied in your own skin.”

DM: “That’s a good word right there. What’s the biggest mistake that fitness ‘newbies’ make, in your opinion?”
KL: “When folks jump on every diet and fitness bandwagon. Everyone hopes for the next big thing, the thing that’s going to make reaching their goals easier…it just simply doesn’t work that way.”

DM: “Do you think it’s possible to have the ‘perfect body’?”
KL: “‘Perfect body’? It is only possible to have your perfect body. Genetics and body type play a major role. We need to focus on attaining our individual best body and not kill ourselves trying to look like someone else.”

DM: “I love that. That’s a reminder that’s beneficial for all of us. So, do you feel pressure to be in perfect shape?”
KL: “I definitely feel pressure, but it’s probably pressure I would place on myself regardless of what I did for a living. I know that if I do not stay in shape, I do not feel my best. If I don’t feel my best, I’m crabby. It’s my choice. I choose not to be crabby.”

DM: (laughing!) “That’s awesome! I think I speak for everyone when I say that we prefer you not to be crabby, too! Okay, last question…”

DM: “I realize that this question is going to make you uncomfortable, but you make me uncomfortable every time that I work out (LOL!), so it’s fair game! What do you like best about your body?”
KL: “Oh, my gosh! Really?!? Here goes…as long as I stay on point with my nutrition, it’s probably my abdominal area. Once I learned that you don’t gain abs from doing a million crunches, I feel like I can actually see results in that area of my body. Effective fat-blasting workouts to build muscle, combined with smart choices in the kitchen, are the way to go.”

DM: “Kelly, you’ve been a great sport about this interview. The readers are going to love getting to know the woman behind C3 Fitness just a little bit better. Thank you so much for carving out a few minutes of your busy schedule for us.”
KL: “It was my pleasure! Thank you for your interest, and I’d like to thank the readers for their amazing support of C3 Fitness! Stay well, stay fit, and stay happy!”

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