Kephart Dental is Renamed: Welcome to Ardmore Dentistry!

It’s been a good year for Dr. Nickolas Kephart! A successful practice that’s now been renamed, remodeled, and rebranded! These changes assure patients—both old and new alike—that this dental office is committed to meeting the needs of the community by staying on top of technology and the latest innovations in dental care.

A New Name

Dr. Kephart has changed the name of his practice from Kephart Dental to Ardmore Dentistry. “Ardmore Dentistry reflects the historical area in which our practice is based,” said Dr. Kephart. “The Ardmore area is a central, convenient area of Winston-Salem, and by renaming our practice to reflect the location, we help confirm the convenience of visiting our practice.”

“However, for those who are concerned about what the name change may mean to our team, our staff hasn’t changed. The same trusted names and faces continue to be a part of the organization.”

A New Website

With the new name came new branding and a new website! “We are excited to invite our patients to our new, easy-to-use website,,” said Dr. Kephart. “It’s an easy name to remember and an easy website to navigate.” Patients have the ability to manage their account online and access it at their convenience. He continued, “All of our services and treatment options are explained, including general dental health and cosmetic treatments.”

Same Location, Remodeled

Long-time patients can continue to visit Dr. Kephart at 3165 Maplewood Avenue, but they will find quite a few changes. From the reception area to the treatment rooms, the entire office has been renovated to reflect a quiet, relaxing, and comfortable environment.

“Creating a space that is calming was important,” said Dr. Kephart. “But equally important was my desire to pay homage to Winston-Salem and the rich heritage of our community. As an amateur photographer, I love to take photographs around Winston-Salem, and many of the photos on display are pictures I took. Patients can expect to see new images each time they visit! I love to change the pictures out on a regular basis.”

“More importantly,” he added, “our treatment rooms are designed with the patient in mind. Our dental equipment has all been updated to the newest, most up-to-date technology! We provide our patients with comfortable chairs so they can relax during their cleaning or other treatments.” Dr. Kephart shared, “In addition to the added space, we made sure all corridors and entryways were wheelchair accessible.”

Same Great Care Only Digitized

“Going digital was a huge part of our change,” Dr. Kephart stated. “Patients need to see what is going on with their oral health, and it’s a great way for us to develop an interactive relationship.”

“With digital images,” he emphasized, “I can show patients the ‘befores and afters,’ and I can also show them areas of concern. Knowledge is power. When they see for themselves, they can understand the importance all the more. Digitizing certainly helps improve our communication!”

Proactive Treatment Environment

“When patients understand our recommendation and ask questions, or share their concerns, that creates the best means to enhance and improve their dental health,” said Dr. Kephart. “After all, the mouth is the gateway to the body. The same bad bacteria found in the mouth can be found in other vitally important areas of the body. So, it only makes sense that oral health and overall general health go hand-in-hand.”

“I’m also aware that some people are nervous about visiting the dentist. For those patients who have anxiety, our website offers several suggestions to help your visit be a more pleasant experience,” said Dr. Kephart. “But if anxiety is an issue, I strongly encourage patients to let the team know when they book the appointment. We can help our patients relax, listen to their concerns, and help reduce the stress they feel about visiting the dentist.”

Care for Any Age

Dr. Kephart’s patients range from infants to any age. “Once a person has teeth,” advises Dr. Kephart, “it’s time for a visit. Getting started young and having good experiences from an early age is a great way to pave the road for good dental health throughout life.” Moreover, Dr. Kephart shares, “Taking proper care of baby teeth helps to keep a healthy environment for permanent teeth.”

Visit Ardmore Dentistry at 3165 Maplewood Avenue in Winston-Salem. Office hours are Monday through Thursday, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm; and Friday, from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm. Give them a call at 336.760.9840; fax 336.760.9841; contact via e-mail (; or visit their website ( Follow them on social media (Facebook and Google+).

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