Kingery & Kingery, DDS Putting the “Family” in Family Dentistry

Family dentistry can be a difficult profession; after all, going to the dentist rarely ranks high on anyone’s preference list. This is why it takes a special person to take on this profession and change those perceptions in patients. Having a dentist you like and trust is very important; it means you’ll be more inclined to get the routine care and treatment you need to stay healthy. Also, having a family dentist who is well received relieves the stress of making appointments for each family member in multiple locations and keeping track of them. Each member gets to know the doctor well, and the doctor, in turn, is familiar with them and their unique needs.

When it comes to family dentistry, Kingery & Kingery, DDS, takes the service to a whole new level. They understand the importance of good dental health for the entire family, because, in fact, Dr. Mary E. Kingery and Dr. William Kingery are sister and brother themselves. How apropos they would combine their family and talents to serve other families across the Triad. Their story is equally compelling.

Meet the Kingerys

Dr. William H. (Bill) Kingery, DDS is a prime example of someone who, at a young age, knew what he was good at and then sought out a profession utilizing those skills. In his case, Dr. Bill knew his talent was using his hands in detailed work. Combining this skill with his interest in the medical field helping patients and using advanced technology, family dentistry became the area he felt was most appealing. He earned his dental degree from the University of Tennessee Center for Health Science, and then went on to serve in this capacity as a captain in the U.S. Air Force. He is a member of the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) and the American Dental Association (ADA), along with the Forsyth County and North Carolina Dental Societies. When he’s not working, he enjoys spending time with his wife, Terry, as well as traveling, snow skiing in the NC mountains, and the pleasure of boating on warm summer days. They have three adult children, Will, Tiffany, and Michelle.

Dr. Mary E. Kingery, DDS, was strongly influenced by her older brother, and similarly made her career decision one that was family-focused. As an impressionable 15-year-old, she watched her older brother’s dedication in completing dental school. She also noticed the rarity of female dentists in the field. She was inspired to make a difference in her own way. So after graduating Magna Cum Laude from Mississippi University for Women, she attended the University of Tennessee Center for Health Science, earning her dental degree with honors. She was one of only six women enrolled at the center at the time. She went on to become a captain in the U.S. Air Force, providing dental services much like her brother. She is a member of the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) and the American Dental Association (ADA). Dr. Mary and her husband, David Price, have two adult children, Katy and Rob. Their favorite pastime is enjoying the vast beaches along the Carolina shoreline.

A look inside their practice

Dr. Bill opened the practice in 1974, and nine years later, in 1983, Dr. Mary was ready to join him. With similar backgrounds combined with a family DNA, their philosophies were naturally entwined. They both understood the importance of providing valuable benefits to their patients. For example, making them feel comfortable before, during, and after their visits, and making sure the patients understand clearly things like aftercare instructions and insurance benefits. They’re always happy to answer any questions their patients may have. After all, they are family, and they want you to feel like family, too. Although they practice general dentistry, each continues to update his or her skills in a variety of areas.

Dr. Bill has further expertise in comprehensive restorative care, including implants for replacing missing teeth, leaving you feeling like you never lost them in the first place. Dr. Mary has extensive proficiency in the area of dental sleep apnea and a short-term orthodontic procedure called Six Month Smiles. “Dr. Bill and I have always set a higher standard in our practice,” said Dr. Mary. “That includes continuing education & exploring new dental technology and methods to provide the best and most comfortable care for our patients.”

Using advanced technology to provide a better experience and better health

One of the advantages of Kingery and Kingery is their dedication to using the latest technology to make your experience more comfortable. A device called the “Air Abrasion tool” mists away tooth decay without the need for a typical drill or needles. It’s so gentle, in many cases anesthesia isn’t necessary. It’s quieter too! In those dreaded situations where root canals are necessary, imagine using modern anesthetics and technology to make this procedure more tolerable, and perhaps even painless. A very effective method of calming anxious patients which is offered at no cost to the patient is NuCalm. NuCalm is an all-natural system used to relax the patient so that they’re more comfortable. As for examining your teeth, they use an intra-oral camera, a tiny video camera allowing the patient to see via monitor exactly what they see. When it comes to X-rays, utilizing digital imaging allows them to see your whole mouth immediately with just one picture—that’s all, and it is shared with you, of course. It also produces 75% less radiation than conventional X-rays. Also, their Laser Scanner allows them to detect previously undetectable tooth decay and thus, treat the cavity sooner, when it’s smaller. This treatment is better for the tooth and prevents further discomfort for the patient. Another important tool is Identafi® for detecting oral cancer. It uses Multi-Spectral Fluorescence and Reflectance technology to identify abnormal tissue. It’s similar to a digital oral thermometer and simply shines a light, so there’s no pain involved.

It’s not just about your teeth

Dr. Mary partners with several physicians in the medical community to screen their patients who have been diagnosed with sleep apnea and are unable to tolerate CPAP therapy as a possible alternative. The Kingery Team is also trained to screen patients in the practice at their routine care appointments for symptoms of possible sleep apnea. She states, “There are 1 in 15 Americans diagnosed with sleep apnea, and many cases are undiagnosed or easily dismissed as being heavy snoring, when it could be a life-threatening condition. Working with the patient’s physician, a custom-made oral device can be made for sleep apnea patients who are CPAP intolerant and ones who have been diagnosed with mild-to-moderate obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), a common health problem today. SomnoDent™ is a custom-fabricated oral device that is FDA approved as an alternative treatment providing effective relief by using a technique entitled COAT™ (“Continuous Open Airway Therapy”). They offer free consultations for those who feel they may have sleep apnea or are unable to tolerate their current CPAP therapy.

Services making you even more attractive

When it comes to the cosmetic aspect, there are lots of options here. It should be noted, Kingery & Kingery is an amalgam-free practice, meaning they only use composite (tooth-colored) filling material. Additional services include Invisalign® and Teen Invisalign®, delivering a transparent way to straighten teeth, which is vitally important for teens especially. Six Months Smiles® is an alternative option offering short-term orthodontic treatment utilizing clear brackets and tooth-colored wires with an average treatment time of only six months. They have porcelain veneers, incredible ultra-thin veneers to hide tooth imperfections and discoloration. “Zoom” is a popular, in-office whitening system that can whiten teeth up to 11 shades whiter in as little as 45 minutes. When necessary, there are also dental implants, and more solutions as well, if appropriate.

Convenient payment options take the worry out of good dental health

Knowing that their patients’ insurance plans may vary, they provide payment options through independent financial companies with interest-free options, if approved. This makes maintaining your dental health more affordable. They file with most major insurance plans. There is also an in-house dental discount plan, and Quality Dental Plan, where patients can enroll annually, and which offers certain benefits, discounts, and services. All major credit cards are accepted, as well.

Giving back to the community

The dental team at Kingery and Kingery, along with volunteers and sponsors, works together to support the annual “Dentistry from the Heart event,” a charity event donating their services for free extraction, filling, or cleaning for patients who otherwise could not afford it. Also, they support other worthy charitable causes, such as Hospice of Forsyth County, the Toys for Tots campaign, Operation Gratitude, The American Red Cross and Special Olympics.

Passing down the family entrepreneur spirit

Dr. Kingery is proud that his oldest son has continued the family entrepreneurial tradition in yet another area that admirably serves the community. Will, Dr. Kingery’s son, is part-owner of Willow’s Bistro, Silo Bistro Bar, King’s Crab Shack, and The Bar on 4th Street, some of Winston-Salem’s best-known and well-liked restaurants. Will feels fortunate to have grown up learning the important benefits of running his own business from his dad and aunt. He says, “They have always loved the work they do, and it shows, and that’s how I feel, as well.” It’s clear the entire Kingery family has made its mark on the Triad in their own unique way.

Treating your family like their own

Kingery and Kingery, DDS, is a family practice comprised of two qualified and dedicated family dentists whose main goal is to provide excellent, affordable, and convenient dental healthcare for you and your family. Dr. Mary explains, “We are creating trust and loyalty through consistency and great dental experiences.” At Kingery and Kingery you’ll always get warm hearts and beautiful smiles. They are located at 2554 Lewisville-Clemmons Road, in Clemmons, NC. For more information, call (336) 766-0511 or visit

To learn more about Will Kingery’s own journey through entrepreneurship, refer to “From A Childhood Memory to Realizing a Lifelong Passion,” following this article.


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