Live2Lead: An Event for the Whole Family

On Friday, October 6th, spend the day getting inspired and motivated by some of the top leadership experts at the Live2Lead event. The event will run from 9:00 am–1:00 pm. Sponsored by Goad Global Leadership, LLC, Live2Lead is an event broadcast live from Duluth, Georgia to many locations. The Winston-Salem location is Old Town Baptist Church. Attendees will experience world-class leadership training and leave with practical tools and ideas they can immediately use in their personal life, businesses, organizations, and churches.

“Live2Lead is more of an experience than an event. Attendees are small business leaders, large business leaders, professionals in the community, government workers, etc. They can come and meet other community leaders at this event. I love the diversity the attendees bring every year. It is a valuable experience to be among fellow leaders from all different walks of life,” explained Rick Speas, certified coach, trainer, and speaker with The John Maxwell Team.

According to Speas, attendees will have time to mingle before the event starts and during intermission. Live2Lead is being led by Speas and Chuck and Amanda Goad. Chuck is the founder of Goad Global Leadership, LLC. Chuck and Amanda are certified coaches, trainers, and speakers with The John Maxwell Team, as well.

Bestselling author and one of the world’s most influential speakers, John Maxwell, created the concept for the Live2Lead Simulcast. Maxwell saw this type of event as a way to bring leadership training and gifted speakers to those around the world. During this half-day event, attendees will have the opportunity to hear numerous speakers, including Maxwell and money management and leadership expert, Dave Ramsey. Other event speakers are Cheryl Bachelder, former CEO of Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen and leadership expert, and Warrick Dunn, former NFL running back and partner of the Atlanta Falcons.

“This is the fourth year for the event and my family has attended every year. Also, I bring my staff and leadership team to the experience. My twins are 26 years old now, and the valuable information attendees learn at Live2Lead is something I wanted to expose my kids to,” added Speas.

Tickets for Live2Lead can be purchased at Early bird tickets are currently on sale until August 15th for $70. After August 15th, registration will stay open until October 4th with regular-priced tickets at $97.

“We have husbands, wives, employers, employees, college students, etc. come to this event. There is really no age limit. However, I would say high school students would be the youngest. Live2Lead is during the week, which may conflict with school, but even students can benefit from the leadership training offered by the speakers,” said Speas.

Since the first Live2Lead event in 2013, attendance has grown every year. Fifty participants attended the first year, between 125-130 the second year, and last year over 200 people attended. This year, they are hoping to have around 400 attendees.

“We were so blessed the first three years and we are hopeful and prayerful to have more people come join the experience this year. We would love to double last year’s numbers. There is plenty of room in the facility. So far, we have had a good response of people registering, and there is still time to sign up,” urged Speas.

“When people come, they will walk into a room filled with energy and cutting-edge leaders in our community. The teaching from the speakers is world-class and each participant will leave realizing they’ve been a part of an experience that can afford them new opportunities for personal and professional growth. What a person learns during the Live2Lead experience can be implemented right away. I’m excited for what this year’s event has to offer,” Speas confided.

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