Love One Another This Christmas Season


Christmas, without question, is my favorite time of the year. I love the music, the lights, the gift-giving and time with family. But with all the pageantry and commercialism swirling around, it’s easy to get distracted from what’s really going on, or what really happened. It all started about 2,000 years ago.

God saw fit to invade time and space through the gift of a newborn baby. It was a miracle of unfathomable proportions. To think that a young virgin of the lowest socio-economic order was to be the mother of the king of kings…wow! Yet while some of the most unlikely characters in the scene got it, so many others with their faces right in the story missed it.

This year at my place of worship, I am participating in a drama that has scenes representing more than a 50-year span. It is the story of a family business and three generations of sons that are dealing with hard life issues. While some of them have a church background, even though they know problems are real, they refuse to acknowledge their own sin in the situation and do what must be done… turn to God.

You see, this happens all the time. I hear story after story of families getting together at the holidays, only to sit and stare at each other or their devices, hoping the clock would tick faster to hasten their escape back to normalcy. Family is one of the best things to have, but if tensions exist, can be one of the hardest things to manage. Brokenness is real and painful and can be most clearly exposed to the family.

Jesus came into the world to be the solution for brokenness, not only to restore our relationship with God, but also to give us healing relationships with each other. He is the solution for racial prejudices. He is the counselor for shattered marriages. He is the fix for our co-dependencies…and He is the answer to those very difficult relationships we all have somewhere in life.

During the events of this original story, the lowliest of shepherds and the wisest of men got it. Sadly, while right under their noses, the innkeeper and the king missed it.  They were too busy or too paranoid. This Christmas, don’t let this happen to you…don’t let the chance for restoration be missed, especially with the ones we love the most. Let’s all be willing to say “I’m sorry,” to put down our devices and our differences for a few minutes and listen, forgive, connect and restore.