Meeting Your Insurance Needs Will Wilkins – State Farm

Will Wilkins has used his 25 years of insurance experience with State Farm to guide his clients toward the best insurance solutions that meet their needs. He meets with his clients, not to sell a policy, but to gain a perspective on their particular situation and what would best suit their current and future needs.

Will said that the bulk of State Farm’s business (80%) is in-home and automobile insurance, with the remainder in life and disability insurance. State Farm, as the largest domestic insurer in the United States, insures one in five homes, one in five cars. Community outreach is an important element within State Farm, and with the current natural disasters, that initiative is quite timely. The Neighborhood of Good® initiative, which can be found at, provides ideas on ways anyone can volunteer within communities to benefit others.

Will added that there are some basic actions that can protect you and your possessions and prevent accidents or damage. For instance:

Preventive Measures for Your Home

Cleaning the gutters may be a messy, thankless job at the time; however, in the long run it can prevent water backup and damage. No one wants to experience that sinking feeling of looking up to see water dripping from the ceiling or a wet patch spreading in a corner. Hiring someone to take on the task of clearing out the gutters in the fall/winter is worth the cost and time.

Checking water pipes and keeping a slow drip going when the temperature drops to freezing or below to avoid frozen pipes takes so little time. Also, being sure that water hoses or outside water pipes are properly wrapped for the winter is usually only takes minutes.

Portable heaters may be great for those cold spots that many have in their homes. However, be sure that the heaters have safety features (usually standard on new models) and that they are not left on for long periods of time. Use care around fabrics, pets, or small children to prevent burns.

Will shared that it’s a good idea to have your homeowner policy reviewed soon after you make a home purchase. During the purchase process and at closing, so much paperwork passes your way for signature that home insurance may not get the attention it needs. After closing and getting settled, a policy review may uncover some gaps that need to be corrected for better coverage.

Some items may need special riders to a homeowner policy. Jewelry is a good example.   Let your agent know if you have heirloom or special jewelry that may need additional coverage.

What about car insurance?

Will mentioned that North Carolina insurance regulations require a surcharge for the first three years for new drivers. This ruling applies to all first-time drivers, regardless of their ages. The surcharge adjusts each year of the three and goes to the standard insurance rate thereafter.

Will’s number-one piece of advice for drivers—Put Down the Phone. The number-one cause of accidents in the US is drivers distracted by their cell phones. Even adjusting the radio can be a culprit. “Basically, prepare to drive by doing whatever you need to before pushing the gas pedal,” Will explained. “Make the call that you’re on the way, get the radio or stereo set to the music you want to hear before you start moving. Buckle your seatbelt. Then, just concentrate on driving and paying attention to the traffic situation around you. Remember that driving is a privilege, not a right.”

What about life insurance?

Will stated that people buy life insurance for a variety of reasons, such as debt payoff, to finance college, or to cover funeral expenses. Policies are purchased to ease the burden for a family at their time of grief. “Of all the insurance policies bought,” Will said, “life insurance is the one guaranteed to pay.”

Give Will a call with your insurance questions. To schedule an appointment, call him at 336.945.6996, write him via e-mail at, or visit his website ( His office is located in Lewisville at 6580 Shallowford Road, Suite 110. Office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.