Memories of Camp

Every March through May, Forsyth Family celebrates summer camp and encourages families to make plans for their children to attend the great programs we have in the area. This year, we asked friends and family to share their own summer camp memories. As you ponder your own memories of camp, consider giving your children the same kind of experiences and memories that can last a lifetime!

“I don’t get homesick, I get campsick.” ~ Author unknown

“My husband and I met when we were at camp in the third grade,” related Erin W. “My most vivid memory was asking him to meet me for a kiss outside of the mess hall. I didn’t make it in time, so he kissed my best friend instead. We joke about it to this day!”

Tondi W. shared, “I loved church camps! Friends, the boys, late night talks, the speakers, putting on skits! Best of all were the fun camp songs in the evenings.”

Blair G. remembered a prank she pulled on a fellow camper. “Looking back, I still laugh about it, though I’m not sure my fellow camper would ever think it was funny. For those who remember the TV show Friends, if you were ever familiar with the episode in which Chandler’s clothes were stolen in a public restroom, our prank was a fairly similar one.”

“We named our church bus “Henry,” and that old bus took us everywhere!” said Jody P. “Our youth group loved to sing, especially anything by the Beach Boys!”

Joshua C. recalls summer camp fun! “Boys were in cabins, and the girls were in dormitories. We’d go ‘serenade’ them at night. It was all fun!”

“My favorite memories of camp were made sitting around the campfire, singing in the dining room, and learning how to canoe,” said Kathy M.

Heather P. said, “I could ramble for days about my memories from camp. Tubing in the creek, sleeping on wooden bunk-beds, making friends and becoming pen pals with them long after camp; and since I went to a Christian camp, learning about strong Christian character. I also remember washing my hair under a waterfall, and to this day, the smell of Prell shampoo reminds me of that experience.”

“Summer camp was always the highlight of my summer,” shared Emily S. “I loved the friends I made, but I really loved my time away from the ‘real world.’ I went to Christian camps and, looking back, it was camp that really helped me grow in the Lord.”

“I went to sleep-away camp every summer starting when I was nine,” said Dara K. “I could fill a book with the memories I made!”

“My church youth group went on retreats every summer,” remembered Laura T. “I have so many memories to choose from, but some of my favorites include small-group skits and the year we found some old mattresses and had mattress races across an old empty room.”