Minute For Your Minister: A Vacation Interrupted

Imagine, for a moment, that you are a pastor. You love your work and your congregation. You also love your family and are looking forward to your upcoming vacation when you’ll be able to spend a whole week, uninterrupted, with your wife and kids. The hotel is booked, the car is packed and, as soon as you finish preaching Sunday morning, you and the family head to the beach for some much-needed R&R.

But, early Monday morning you get a phone call. Sadly, an elderly member of your congregation passed away yesterday, and the family wants you to officiate her funeral…tomorrow. What do you do? If you leave, your family will be disappointed, and you will miss time with them that you can never get back. If you stay, your congregation might think you are neglecting them and not doing your job.

This imagined scenario is all too real for many pastors. As the summer months are approaching, it’s a good time to ask if your church has a plan in place that allows your pastor some time away with his or her family which, no matter what happens, will be respected and protected. If not, #BeTheOne to start that conversation with the leadership in your church.

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