Momentum Personal Training – Do You Have Momentum?

Meet Personal Trainer Laniel Crawford, owner of Momentum Personal Training, and it is immediately clear why he is successful and has a loyal following. His knowledge, discipline, life experience and training are a large part of it, but it is his passion and compassion that puts him in a class by himself. Although he works with people of all ages, it is the impact he has on the youth that sets him apart.

Growing up in a loving, but poverty-stricken family, Crawford was a latchkey kid. While attending middle school, a coach saw his potential not only in athletics, but also in his classroom performance. This man’s belief in Crawford, and his dedication to him, was well placed, culminating in football and track scholarships to Duke University. Crawford graduated with a BA in history and went on to play professional football. His career was cut short due to injury, but his excellent education gave him the prowess to achieve success in the corporate world. During that time, he worked with, offered guidance to, and coached at the youth and high school levels. In 2009, Crawford retired from banking operations and opened Momentum Personal Training.

Crawford works with each individual based on his or her sport(s) and needs. This sports-specific training works well for students interested in making their middle, high school, or college teams, or just wanting to get in shape. “All athletes have a common flexibility when they train—that core strength flexibility,” said Crawford. “You build from there, and everything else falls in. Each sport gets a somewhat different training, working on different muscles, skills and levels that players need for the sports they are involved in.” Crawford also assists injured athletes with rehab once they have been released from their doctors.

Crawford has never forgotten the coach that helped him achieve his success and has made sure to pay it forward with underprivileged youths. “I have a lot of kids who come in here that can’t afford this training,” said Crawford. “When they can’t afford it, we try to get them sponsors, so they can get the training, come off the streets and be kept from going places they shouldn’t be going and from getting into trouble. It is important to open up avenues, so they can move to the next level.”

Momentum Personal Training has partnered with the non-profit Many Hats Institute, whose mission is “dedicated to improving the conditions for children and youth worldwide.” According to Crawford, “youth getting their training covered by this program have to mentor other kids, do community service and maintain a ‘B’ average in school. We get children of all ages into the training, let them know what is expected of them, and then we add the mentoring. Depending on their grades, they can be with us for many years.”

It is apparent in the people he trains that there is something very special that makes them continue to come back once they have finished high school. The unique aspect to his training is that Crawford not only works on speed, agility, balance, coordination and strength, he works on self-esteem, respect for self and others, motivation to be a successful adult and much more. “It’s not just about physical or sports training, it’s also about them becoming men and women,” said Crawford. “I also work on what we call sponsorships and family—where it doesn’t matter what school you’re from, what sports you play or how old you are, everyone takes care of each other in this gym-like family.”

Adults also like the workouts they get at Momentum Personal Training. “Most adults that come are here to lose weight or to tone,” said Crawford. “I have more female clients than male, because women don’t like to work out in a regular gym for various reasons. They would rather come here for more individualized training, get their workouts in and go. I evaluate each client and, based on the evaluation, it gives me what I need to do to maximize their workouts and results.”

With all the accolades voiced by his clientele, the most telling may have been from the mother whose daughter was just beginning her training with Momentum. When asked what led her to Laniel Crawford and Momentum Personal Training, her reply was, “I did a lot of research, and it all led me here.”

Momentum Personal Training is located at ‪452 Knollwood Street in Winston-Salem. For more information, visit the website at ‪ or, to make an appointment for a complimentary introductory individual session, call ‪336.407.0770.

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