One Shot Photography

Twenty-one years ago, Kathy Miller launched One Shot Photography. More than two decades later, she has worked with countless people to catch the perfect moment and create lasting memories on film and now, digital pictures. Those who have worked with Kathy know the personal attention and fantastic energy she puts into every shoot. Her strong vision for photography is evident in her work, and the expertise she brings is unmatched.

One Shot Photography was born from Kathy’s interest in working with people and photography. From the beginning, she has known the importance of being ready to capture the important moments in life. “I had a clothing store in the 90s, and one day a friend of the family stopped by after one of my stints in Nashville and asked, ‘How is Ms. One Shot doing today?’—the sound of that just worked,” said Kathy. “In 1993, while attending an Alan Jackson concert in Charlotte and, of course, I had somehow smuggled my camera in, I got this incredible shot of Alan leaning over to communicate with his fans—his fingers and the fans’ fingers meeting, and from that picture our slogan became ‘photos that tell a story.’ In my business, sometimes you only get one shot to get the photo that tells the story. I worked with Alan Jackson’s Fan Club, and was published in his world-tour magazine, Neon Rainbow Magazine, and his monthly publications. I also photographed for Today’s Country and had various photos published in Country Weekly Magazine for the next 12 years. In 1999, a friend asked me if I could photograph her wedding—now, hundreds of weddings later, we are still One Shot Photography. Still taking photos that tell a story—your story!”

A great deal of Kathy’s success comes from her dedication to her work. “I am not a stay-at-home mom,” said Kathy. “I work professionally about 16 hours a day six days a week and sometimes even seven! We have a full service studio as well as a separate environmental studio along with a frame shop for all her customers’ needs. We try to offer input, as well as 90% of the props and clothing for each photo session, so that our customers walk away feeling like they got exactly what they wanted and more. We love it when they tell us they are mad at us because we gave them too many choices, and they can’t make a decision!”

As a professional photographer, Kathy understands the importance of creating lasting memories. “I want the new generation to not have all their memories on cell phones and Facebook, as that may go away someday and all they would have left would be the memory of that photo,” said Kathy. “I want people to know that the photos they take are not for them, but for generations to come, to see how they lived, worked and played. I wish every family could have a large portrait of their family displayed in their home to look at every day and say, “Remember when!” As we all know, families are what holds the world together in these times. As I tell my kids all the time, when you have nothing else in life, you will have family, so why not put that photo on the wall to remind yourself of that every day?

Though Kathy is extremely talented and experienced in photography, she understands the importance of refreshing her techniques and adapting to new technologies. “I offer workshops and classes to stay up-to-date with the latest technology and techniques,” said Kathy. “When I started my business, computers, cell phones and digital cameras had not even been made available yet. My photography started in the film world, where you had to wait 2–10 days to see if what you shot worked! I now teach a photography workshop and share the things not to do.”

One Shot Photography offers photography services for businesses, including commercial, special events, product shots, as well as weddings, families, children and senior portraits. While Kathy Miller does book up quickly, she is always willing to help when available, even on short notice. “If I am available, I will do it immediately,” said Kathy. “I believe in photography that is fun, exciting and modern with a twist of tradition; you never know what kind of pose or prop I might come out with! The key to winning in this environment is offering products and services that are unique and meaningful to your clients. I just love when customers say, ‘Just tell me you are not going to just give me a CD; I want finished products.’”


You can see Kathy’s work in most monthly issues of Forsyth Family Magazine! One Shot Photography is located at 1386 NC Highway 801 North in Advance. For more information, call 336.998.3409 or visit the website at Also visit us on Facebook at One Shot Photography or One Shot Photography—weddings.