Pro Dance Grows!

It has been five years since Pro Dance Academy opened its doors and they have already outgrown their location across from Tanglewood. This July, they are expanding to a 6500-square-foot, state-of-the-art, four-ballroom facility just behind Mi Pueblo on Lewisville-Clemmons Road. When asked what accounts for this need to expand, Miranda Lobs, owner of Pro Dance Academy, can’t point to just one thing. “We had no idea when we opened our doors five years ago how many students we would receive, let alone that we would outgrow our current location this quickly! God has had his hand in our studio from the beginning and has blessed us beyond measure to be received so well in the Clemmons community,” she states.

Although there are many things, Miranda believes, that set Pro Dance apart from other dance studios, she confidently believes that one of the biggest factors making them successful is that they are truly more than just a dance studio.

While Pro Dance participates in all the same competitions as everyone else and receives all the same awards, what sets them apart, Miranda says, is that her dancers consistently receive the studio sportsmanship Spirit awards at these competitions. That shows their heart. “Our dancers are supportive, compassionate, and encouraging, not only to their fellow dancers, but to dancers at other studios,” Lobs states. “We try to show our dancers that great dance ability can be taught, but great character comes from the heart, and we are most proud of them when they can show love for their fellow dancers while also being talented at dance.”

While Pro Dance offers the same types of classes as other studios, with a few unique exceptions, such as their thriving clogging program, all-boys’ hip-hop classes, and college/adult age classes and audition prep, what sets them apart is their amazing staff. With five instructors and two new student instructors being welcomed this coming fall, Miranda affirms that the Pro Dance staff is amazing and upholds the “above and beyond” mentality toward their students that Pro Dance expects. “We are a staff that has pride in our product, loyalty to each other, and love for our students…and it shows,” she states. They foster an environment that goes beyond just teaching dance, Miranda claims, and is a reason their classes fill quickly, and a reason she needs to expand.

Pro Dance is also committed to being a low-drama zone. Lobs tells us that their dance families embrace their family attitude. “We do not tolerate gossip, toxicity or a ‘tear each other down’ mentality from anyone in our studio; [this applies to] students, parents, and staff alike,” Miranda explains. She tells us that the friendships that are formed between dancers in their classes are deep and lasting. The support that is shown from the parents is inspiring. And the passion and commitment that is displayed by the staff is deeply genuine.

It’s no wonder Pro Dance needs to triple their space. In a world where children are being broken down instead of built up, why wouldn’t anyone want to learn more than just dance at Pro Dance Academy?