Reckless Love Revolution: When All Your Dreams Need is a New Direction

For Oklahoma native Kelly Kopp (or Kelly K, as he’s known), the dreams were big. Fame. Money. Music. A chance to be known and remembered. He found various degrees of success, touring with rock groups such as RED and Nickelback, and was a stage manager for Warped Tour. He hosted a TV show in Texas, and tried his hand at a number of entertainment jobs, including a baseball emcee, radio host, stand-up comic, and writer.

And he was very unhappy.

Kelly grew up in a Christian home and had accepted Christ when he was young. From his earliest days, he felt called to preach and even worked as a youth minister for several years before walking away to try his own thing. But as many prodigals can attest—doing your own thing leads to heartache.

“I remember driving in my truck,” shared Kelly. “I felt an overwhelming presence of God whispering to my heart, and He said, ‘I still have a plan for you.’ At that moment, I decided to surrender. I opened up my heart and told God I was giving it to Him; I’d tried it my way over and over. My way didn’t work, and I was willing to stop and let Him lead me.”

Kelly shared that from that day forward, his dreams changed.

“I sent out resumes and pictures of myself to over 100 churches,” said Kelly. “I was ready to go back to ministry, but I didn’t get a single call. I think my tattoos may have scared them.”

Nonetheless, he wasn’t discouraged. An idea had begun to take shape. With the support of his wife and kids behind him, as well as a heartfelt desire to do God’s will, Kelly began to wonder what would happen if he showed love to others—a reckless kind of love that would leave them asking, “Why?”

Reckless Love Revolution was born. Reckless Love Revolution takes “random acts of kindness” and “pay it forward,” to a new level—a Jesus-level. “Loving others recklessly is loving them when it doesn’t make sense because the love of Christ is and was for everyone,” Kelly stated. “It’s not up to us to decide who qualifies for the abundant love of Jesus!”

And in a moment that could only be credited to God, Kelly found viral success that catapulted Reckless Love Revolution into a full-fledged ministry and proved the adage, “God doesn’t call the equipped; He equips the called.”

Kelly had begun filming his thoughts and posting them on social media. As he was working to get Reckless Love Revolution off the ground, Kelly felt God speak to him again—this time, with the message, “Is It a Sin to Get a Tattoo?”

The now-viral video was the door that opened up opportunities for Kelly to preach and share the love of Christ with others. In just over four minutes, Kelly succinctly summed up the question with kindness, compassion, and Biblical truth. Leaving the viewer with much to consider, Kelly encourages those who watch it to pray about it and remember that we are to love everyone. He closes with his signature closing statement, “I love you, Jesus loves, I’m blessed, you be blessed, until next time….” To date, “Is It a Sin to Get a Tattoo?” has been viewed 2.7 million times.

“When my resume didn’t open up doors,” said Kelly, “that video did! Where the world said ‘No,’ God used it to open up opportunities for me to speak!”

Indeed, in addition to Kelly’s weekly videos on social media, Kelly is a regular speaker at churches across the country and is not only preaching at the Kingdom Youth Conference (coming to Greensboro, October 6th-7th!), he is also emceeing the event as it travels around the country.

Kelly is living proof—God knows our dreams. And when we surrender our will to His plan—He often surprises us. Either He provides dreams that are brand new, that we would have never considered. Or, He aligns our dreams with His plans for something so much better. So, Kelly’s dream for fame? He’s on his way. But this time, he’s being recognized as a man of God with a heart and a passion for following Jesus. It’s no longer about Kelly. It’s about what the Holy Spirit can do through him.

Kelly K and Reckless Love Revolution will be in Greensboro, NC, on October 6th-7th with Kingdom Youth Conference. The conference will be held at Cathedral of His Glory at 4501 Lake Jeanette Rd. Tickets can be ordered online at Click “Events” and choose “More Info” beside Greensboro, NC. Youth groups and families are encouraged to attend; the full agenda can be found at the same link.

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