Rolly’s Baby Boutique A Little Magic and a Lot of Love

While families get set to enjoy together the slower pace of summer, Rolly’s Baby Boutique in Winston-Salem is poised to be the only shopping destination you’ll need for creative summer fun.

Listen, all you parents with children under the age of four—you already know just how tough the “0-4” crowd can be! If you’re about to spend the next few months with an energetic young person, Rolly’s is definitely your new best friend. Keeping busy—while having fun and learning a little something along the way—is summer goal number one (followed closely, of course, by simply maintaining sanity!).

If you’re a seasoned mom or dad, or perhaps a new parent-to-be, we’re sure you already know that stepping into Rolly’s means you’ve entered a world of fun and discovery, and what you’ll call the “peace of mind” zone that every parent craves. Making sure their clientele feels comfortable from the very first visit, and guided by a savvy staff that knows their stuff, is what sets Rolly’s apart. Owner Melanie Barbee loves the mood that has helped firmly establish the popular luxury/ specialty shop for more than 30 years, and it’s part of the charm that keeps a dedicated fan base—and their children and grandchildren!—coming back.

Even if you’ve spent the day with a fussy baby or a determined toddler, that soothing, stress-free feeling takes over once you start combing this happy shop for something to spark your child’s imagination, teach them something new, or simply entertain them in the most delightful way. All in one adorable place, you’ll find unique, one-of-a-kind toys, a collection of the loveliest children’s books, hand-picked clothing, stylish baby and children’s bedding and furniture, as well as the perfect shower or “Welcome to the World” gifts for parents-to-be or your own new grandchild.

Rolly’s is proud of its sophisticated shopping experience that’s delivered in a relaxed setting to calm the fears of even the most nervous shoppers—expectant parents—and they also offer consultations for new parents (in-store or after-hours), full of advice on custom bedding, cribs, and other necessary nursery furniture, as well as advice on clothing and shoes for every stage. Plus, their gift registry is always available—and overflowing with options—and Bloom @ Rolly’s offers the most stylish maternity clothing for moms-to-be in a setting that’s comfortable and inviting.

Now with the glorious days of summer in full swing, parents are also thankful for what Melanie is especially excited about this time of year—the shop’s exclusive collection of children’s books that are must-haves for every bedroom bookshelf.

“Although books are a no-brainer when it comes to gifts, people may forget that during the down time in summer, reading books to your young child on a daily basis can be a fun and enriching time for you both,” she reminds us.

Rolly’s carries a wide array of children’s books that have been recommended by teachers and home-school parents alike, including rainy-day activity books, attention-getting (and keeping!) selections with animal sounds that help educate children about what swims in the ocean and lives at the zoo, and much-loved books that are about the adventures of other children the same age as yours. That’s where your own young offspring may be thrilled to catch a glimpse of themselves.

“One of our newest books is by local author Dixon Douglas,” says Melanie. “Dixon—who lives in Winston-Salem with his wife and three-year-old daughter—is writing a series of books about the adventures of a ‘lovey’ his daughter absolutely adored.”

Inspired to write The Adventures of Lovey series after noticing that almost every photo of his daughter’s first three years of life included her most beloved companion—a pink bunny “lovey”—Dixon’s tale hits home for both children and their parents. From plane flights (in the first book, Miss Bunny’s First Flight) to boat rides and even their own trip to the zoo, the enchanting series portrays the enormous comfort, love, and just plain fun that his young daughter found in her special companion.

The Adventures of Lovey may be just the start of your child’s reading adventures this summer, which will prompt their own make-believe journeys with some of the shop’s best toys geared towards “pretend” play.

“I think everyone overlooks the [length] of time children can just sit and play with a doll house or a race track or a good ol’ dump truck,” says Melanie. “Children love to pretend their ‘friends’ live on a farm with little wooden horses, people, and trucks. They also enjoy keeping house in a portable contemporary house, with its own family.”

Other favorites for summertime adventures include kits that make an ice cream parlor, or a veterinarian’s office. “Who doesn’t love to make believe they are going to get ice cream and then pull out a Popsicle from the freezer to enjoy with a parent or sibling?” she smiles.

When indoor time turns into outdoor play time, Rolly’s is ready with ring toss and tic-tac-toe games, but there’s also an indoor golf game and ring-toss pieces made of soft material, if rainy weather keeps your young ones indoors. For your energetic pint-sized builders whose imaginations can run wild through their own creations, there are soft, fuzzy blocks, as well as magnetic ones, making them easy for little hands to grasp and put into place to create something wonderful. Perfect for travel, these blocks can also be whipped out just about anywhere for hours of fun!

No matter what the season, distinctive quality, customer care, and down-to-earth fun are all a tradition at Rolly’s, and you won’t find a more perfect shopping experience for the little ones that matter most. Offering all the best for babies and young children, Rolly’s is open Monday through Saturday, 10:00 am–6:00 pm, in Thruway Shopping Center at 272 S. Stratford Road, Winston-Salem. For more information, call 336-722-6713, visit and follow them on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with special events in the store and all the new arrivals.