Ruff Housing: Renovations and Larger Space Get Four Paws Up!

You know the saying, “Find something you love to do, and you’ll never work a day in your life”? Eight years ago, after leaving the corporate world behind, Kim Vaughn opened her first Ruff Housing, a dog daycare and boarding facility, located on Witt Street in Winston-Salem, NC, not looking too far into the future. Kim had the business sense, the drive to succeed, but more importantly, the love of working with something she loved…dogs. And now with four locations, three full-service and a grooming spa in Clemmons, NC, Kim is grateful for the trust her clients have put in her and her staff. “It really is hard to believe how Ruff Housing has grown, yet we were turning clients away because we are always full, so I decided to not only renovate the original location, but expand it from 8,500 square feet to 25,000 square feet, adding not only space for more dogs that stay with us daily or board, but also an indoor pool and track, as well as an area for cats and our new Enrichment Program, giving more one-on-one play time to the dogs,” said Kim.

Happy Tail-Wagging Days

Kim Vaughn loves what she does and enjoys going to work and seeing her “regulars” come through the doors in the morning. The day that I visited, Kim welcomed her two-legged and four-legged clients by name, and let me tell you, the four-legged ones had their tails wagging as they entered. “It’s great to see the dogs who stay with us daily for daycare come in and be excited to get their day started. They know that their buddies are here and that they will be played with and kept busy. Those who come in for boarding while their owners are away, quickly settle in and are well cared for by our team. We really make their time at Ruff Housing fun and enjoyable. After I opened the third location on Battleground Avenue in Greensboro, NC, I thought we would have enough space, but it broke my heart to have to turn dogs away, so tripling our space at the original location, making renovations to the area where we started in 2008 and adding areas to the facility, is really going to make a difference,” Kim commented.

Something for Every Pup, Big or Small, Short or Tall, with Kitty Condos, Too!

The renovations at Ruff Housing on Witt Street will happen in phases, so that their business continues to run smoothly and clients aren’t inconvenienced, with completion scheduled for Fall 2017. “The first phase will be completed before the end of the year. We are really excited to be adding an area for cats. We get calls asking about boarding cats while their owners are out of town and we believe that will be a great addition to our services. The cats will have their own check-in area, and then kitty condos and an atrium area for play. The new indoor track will give dogs walk and run times, and our pool will be great for those dogs who are older, with joint issues, a way to exercise, as well as water-loving dogs a good way to play. Once the facility is complete, we will begin our Enrichment Program,” stated Kim.

The Enrichment Program will give dogs a more tailored or individualized playtime. “With the Enrichment Program, we will have add-on activities, like time in the pool, fitness, massage and others. This program gives dogs more opportunity to do what they like to do, making them happier when they are here,” Kim said. In addition to the great areas for dogs and cats, Ruff Housing will have more office space and a centralized call center.

“Instead of having our front desk staff greeting our clients and answering the phones, making reservations, we will have a call center so that those who are checking in at Ruff Housing have the full attention of the front desk. Everything we are doing is to better serve our clients and give them, both owner and pet, the best experience that they can have,” commented Kim.

Ruff Housing has four locations: 336 Witt Street and 5648 Country Club Road, both in Winston-Salem, NC; Ruff Housing Grooming at 3511 Lawrence Street, Clemmons, NC (grooming only); and 15 Battleground Court in Greensboro, NC. For more information, call 336-765-7833 or visit