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When you’re looking to spend your hard-earned cash on a major purchase, customer reviews are often critical to help guide your decision-making. When I reached out to Ben Heinsohn, owner of Salem Windows & Doors, about this article, he wanted me to talk to his customers directly to get a better understanding of the type of service everyone who hires Salem Windows & Doors will receive. Their customers, no matter how big or small the project, agree that this personalized service and expertise was exactly what they needed.

32ff---Marvinfrench“We first met Ben at the Greensboro Home Show three plus years ago,” said Jim and Judy Guidone. “We were impressed with his knowledge, friendliness and honesty. We were also familiar with Marvin Windows, which we had in our previous home in Minneapolis.  After discussing our needs with Ben, we settled on a three-phase process to replace all of our existing windows, which we were never pleased with since building our home in 2002. Ben laid out our overall two-year plan with timelines and introduced us to his installation team from J&L Designs. All went according to plan from start to finish. The installers, led by Shane and Kyle, were nothing short of fantastic. They were always on time, always highly professional, very courteous and settled for nothing less than perfection. 

In addition to fantastic planning and installation, the products offered by Salem Windows & Doors are worth every penny invested. “Our house is now quieter, and we immediately saw a reduction in our heating and air conditioning bills,” said the Guidones. “As you might have guessed, we give Salem Windows & Doors, J&L Designs and Ben Heinsohn our highest recommendation.”

“We understand that most people don’t have time to become experts about the products they are seeking—whether for building, remodeling or replacing—and are depending upon others to make sure they get the right products,” said Heinsohn. “We take the necessary and needed time to explain the various options, the benefits and/or limitations of each product, so that the homeowner can take ownership and feel more comfortable with this major decision. We want homeowners to see our true intentions—to equip them with the information they need to make the best choice for their homes and their budgets. We believe that treating each person’s situation uniquely, and finding the solution that works best for them, will lead to satisfied customers.”

When Zack & Melanie Lyon were selecting products for their new home, built in a community with strict guidelines for window products, they were displeased with the recommendations coming from their builder and lumberyard. “In an effort to find windows that were of the quality we were looking for and within budget, we reached out to Salem Windows & Doors, and everything they carried was of great quality,” said Zack. “Ben was very forthright and detailed about explaining the product differences to us; we had reviewed a lot of different vinyl windows, and we ended up choosing windows with heavier, thicker glass and a more robust construction. Salem Windows & Doors offers exceptional customer service…and if you have a problem, they make it right.”

Salem Windows & Doors knows the most important features of your home can be expensive, so they constantly strive to find the “best value” for their customers. “Windows and doors are integral to the quality of a home,” said Heinsohn. “They are part of the core construction of the house and become a main factor in the overall quality of the building. Poorly built windows, or windows made with low-quality materials, sacrifice the integrity of the structure. When those lower-quality products wear out, the replacement costs will be much higher than the initial costs if higher quality products had been selected. The old adage of ‘you get what you pay for’ usually rings true.”

“Our premier window and door manufacturers are Marvin & Sierra Pacific. We offer a wide range of quality products which are on display for homeowners to see the quality up-close.”


Salem Windows & Doors’ Triad showroom is located at 400 West Mountain Street in Kernersville. For more information, call 336.770.5777, e-mail or visit the website at

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