Shallowford Animal Hospital: Taking Care of You and Your Four-Legged Friend

For most pet owners, our pets may not be our whole lives, but they sure make our lives whole. They give us the unconditional love that in people we rarely find, and companionship to make the journey of life a little more enjoyable. So when you think of choosing medical care for the life of your pet, you want a veterinary practice that will address your concerns, needs, and questions while giving your four-legged friend the best care possible; you want to entrust your pets to a veterinarian who has at the heart of their practice a sincere love of animals. Dr. Kristopher Eads and his staff at Shallowford Animal Hospital have made a conscience effort, based on their love of animals, to do what they do every day, giving their clients the best experience and care possible.

Dr. Kristopher Eads

Imagine being a physician who daily practices dentistry, surgery, ophthalmology, cardiology, dermatology, endocrinology, pathology, parasitology, pharmacology, neurology, epidemiology, psychology and encounters infectious disease, sometimes all before lunch! This is the average day of Dr. Kristopher Eads, and he wears many hats in his practice.

“Each day is different, and many times you don’t know what is going on with the animal, and unfortunately, unlike people, you can’t ask them what hurts or how they feel. Veterinary Medicine is a blast and so rewarding, but it can be extremely taxing as well. We routinely encounter the high and excitement of a new puppy or kitten in one room and the next room over, we are consoling a crying owner that’s saying good-bye to a beloved family member. Some days you can add an emergency of a pet hit by a car with a worried owner, followed by a dog waking up from surgery howling. You just never know what to expect, but I wouldn’t change it for anything. My career as a veterinarian began when I operated a mobile veterinary service, Blue Ridge Mobile Veterinary Services (BRMVS), focusing primarily on large animals, like cattle and horses, as I continued to work as a relief vet for some small-animal practices. I had a desire to have my own, stand-alone, non-mobile practice and I purchased Shallowford Animal Hospital from a retiring Dr. Hermann in September 2016. For myself and my staff, what we do is all about the dedication we have to our clients and their pets, and we strive to exceed their expectations. We pride ourselves in delivering exceptional veterinary care, and we all share a love for what we do,” said Dr. Eads. Sharing a love for animals and working with them and the people who love them is what makes Shallowford Animal Hospital’s staff exceptional in their care.

Angela Thomas

From the moment you walk in Shallowford Animal Hospital, you know this is a place that loves animals. Angela Thomas, Receptionist at Shallowford Animal Hospital, brings her love of animals and helping them to her role at the practice. “As a wife, mom and homeschooler of three daughters, over the years my girls and I have had many an adventure, and our favorites involved rescuing, re-homing and volunteering with animals. Each encounter is a challenge, yet a time to learn new ways to treat animal injuries and illnesses. As a family, we would do research on treating animals and preventing disease, as well as training them, so they could be placed in a loving home. As my girls got older, I found myself needing to go back to work to ‘fund’ these rescues, and what better place to make a difference in the lives of animals than in a veterinary practice! I’ve been at Shallowford Animal Hospital for four months now, and I can’t imagine not having animals in my life,” Angela commented.

Veronica Bowman

You could say that a love for animals and helping them runs in Veronica Bowman’s family. “Growing up, my mother was a veterinary assistant and a groomer, and she passed her passion for animals down to me. I love what I do, because we are a voice for the voiceless; animals can’t tell us what’s wrong, so it’s our job to figure it out, much like a puzzle. As a vet assistant, I have many responsibilities. You may find me in the pharmacy filling prescriptions, monitoring a patient under anesthesia, taking radiographs, cleaning teeth and educating clients about the general care of their pets. Just as you would build a relationship with your own physician or your child’s pediatrician, trusting your vet and their staff is important, so you can be confident you and your vet are doing everything you can to give your pet the best life possible,” stated Veronica.

Katie Matthews

Spending her summers on her grandfather’s farm as a child gave Katie Matthews an early love for animals. “I became interested in the veterinary field at an early age, maybe seven years old. I would help my grandpa raise beagles and take care of the cows, goats, and chickens. Thanks to my grandpa, I have always had a big heart for animals and knew that caring for God’s creatures in some way would be my calling. The relationship that we have with our clients is instrumental in giving their pets the best care possible. Having an understanding of what the animal has been experiencing, which can only be shared by the owner, helps Dr. Eads and the techs treat and care for the animal the best we can,” Katie said.

Lissa Stiles

Having moved to the area from California to work and be closer to her parents, Lissa Stiles has a background in caring for animals. “I’ve been in the area for ten years and got into veterinary medicine as a vet tech after running a boarding kennel in Massachusetts for seven years. I have worked with animals in some capacity, kennels, animal hospitals and farm work, for over 27 years, and love what I do because it’s rewarding to help sick animals and rescue them. There are many things that make Shallowford Animal Hospital special, including top-notch, first-class medical care, as well as boarding, grooming and a commitment to rescue,” commented Lissa.

There’s no doubt that Dr. Eads and his staff at Shallowford Animal Hospital are making a difference in the lives of animals every day. As Dr. Eads said, “I thank God for giving me the ability to enhance the lives of animals and their humans. I thank my wife, Dawn, for her help and unconditional support, and the staff at Shallowford Animal Hospital for their dedication and help every day to help what most people see as their family…their animals!” Dr. Eads said.

Shallowford Animal Hospital is located at 6782 Shallowford Road, Lewisville, NC. For more information on the practice and its services, call 336-945-4412 or visit Hours of operation: Mon., Tues., Thurs. & Fri., 7:30 am–6 pm; Wed. 7:30 am–2 pm; Sat. 8 am–noon.