Shine Time Express Carwash – A Friend to Your Family and the Environment!

Both eco-friendly and family-friendly, ShineTime Express Carwash in Winston-Salem is something of a labor of love for Adam and Erin Bartley. Before opening in March 2016, the couple—both immersed in successful business careers—spent a couple of years planning and preparing to own their own business, something they could build together.

Adam first discovered the “express exterior car wash model,” and Erin says they both simply fell in love with the concept.

“As busy parents, we knew we would be users of the service, if only we had one in town,” says Erin. “So we decided this was our chance to make our dream of owning our business come true!”

They are proud to provide a service that’s a great fit for other busy families. “The three-minute car wash allows folks to get through fast,” says Adam. “Parents with young kids can leave them in their car seats and drive on through. Kids love the car wash because of the fun lights inside the tunnel, but also because they can chip in and help.”

Erin says in their handy self-service area—which includes free vacuums, microfiber towels, and glass cleaner—they frequently see the whole family working together: “Mom is wiping down the dash, kids are vacuuming, and dad is cleaning the windows,” she explains. “It’s fun to see everyone working together and having a good time.”

Adam and Erin are equally proud to show their sons the value of striving for goals and working hard. As a locally owned, family-operated business, ShineTime also offers unique fundraising programs for community organizations, where a simple code allows twenty percent of every purchase made by your family and friends to go directly to support your group or community project.

As the biggest bonus, now more than ever, these young entrepreneurs are enthusiastic about staying true to a commitment to the environment, another mission they want to share and pass on to their sons.

“We have always been an eco-conscious family, so it was important to us to bring that into our business,” says Adam. “It’s rewarding to know that we are doing our part to preserve the natural resources of our community.”

“As members of the International Car Wash Association’s® WaterSavers® Program, ShineTime follows strict environmental standards that include water reclamation, recapturing, and recycling. The fully automated drive-through wash is eco-friendly, phosphate free, and utilizes only bio-degradable detergents.

WaterSavers ® is a recognition program that helps professional car washes promote their goal of being kind to the environment, including the following:

  • All excess water must be routed to water treatment or a septic field as permitted.
  • Each business must install a back-flow prevention device on the potable water supply.
  • Spray nozzles must be inspected annually for efficiency.
  • All water-saving devices must be maintained to the specifications for the conservation of water.

Washing cars at home—picture you and your family soaking wet on the driveway—not surprisingly means that dirty water from that concrete surface winds up in rivers, streams, and lakes, carrying with it dirt, debris, and other pollutants from the concrete. Not only is the water from a ShineTime wash recycled or returned cleanly to the environment, but the washes save you valuable time, are extremely safe for your car, and perfect to protect your shiny investment!

Plus, a typical home car wash can use up to 100 gallons of water, while ShineTime uses only one-third of that amount. Isn’t that all you really need to know?

Make a visit to ShineTime Express Carwash part of your family’s weekly routine, and be sure to ask about their Fast Pass Unlimited Wash Club. ShineTime is located at 3910 Oxford Station Lane, just off Hanes Mall Blvd. in Winston-Salem. Reach them at 336-778-3842 or visit them Monday through Saturday, 8:00 a.m.–8:00 p.m., and Sunday, 11:00 a.m.–7:00 p.m., rain or shine.



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