Simply Better Dentistry: Drs. Cuthrell & Mochnick

By Lindsay Craven

It’s not hard to find a dental office in Forsyth County that offers standard dental care rendered by a qualified doctor. The more difficult task comes when trying to find that one special practice for you and your family that just feels right; a place that provides exceptional care in a comfortable environment where you can be confident that your best interest is paramount. Dr. Jonathan Cuthrell and Dr. Jonathan Mochnick pride their practice on this principle.

“In addition to quality of care, what differentiates our dental practice from others is the personalities of the doctors and staff and the way we interact with our patients,” mentions Dr. Cuthrell.

“We work to establish a trusting relationship with each person we see,” Dr. Mochnick adds. “For example, an initial visit typically involves time simply sitting, talking and listening to our patients’ concerns and expectations and identifying what is actually important to them. If dental work is needed, this then allows us to customize a treatment plan that they are comfortable with.”

This very principle is what has led to their practice receiving the Winston-Salem Journal’s 2014 Readers’ Choice Award for “Best Dentist” as well as being recognized in the October, 2014 issues of Woman’s Day, Redbook and Good Housekeeping.

“We feel that we provide not only better care, but also a more pleasant and honest dental experience than other offices. Frankly, although some would disagree, the unfortunate reality is that many dental professionals nation-wide have decided to focus more on the ‘business’ of dentistry rather than on stellar patient care. Our cooperative treatment philosophy and personal beliefs, on the other hand, allow us to work with our patients, involving them in addressing their personal needs and comfort first…always.” “Honesty and integrity are pillars of our practice,” says Dr. Mochnick. “We offer unmatched quality of care and professionalism with a genuine concern for our patients’ dental health and well-being.”

Drs. Cuthrell and Mochnick utilize the most effective technological advancements in dentistry to offer the best care available to their patients. The practice is equipped with intraoral cameras, digitized imaging and sedation options, among others.

“Clinically, we have a great advantage when working with restorations such as crowns, bridges, veneers and dentures,” says Dr. Cuthrell. “Our dental lab and ceramists are located here in the same building, working closely with us on a daily basis to deliver on-time, superior results.”

With patients of all ages, their services span the full spectrum of family and cosmetic dental care, including implants and Invisalign©. The practice also offers convenient online scheduling, live online chats, a 24-hour patient communication service and emergency availability.

Overall, Drs. Cuthrell and Mochnick offer a refreshing, updated approach to dentistry focused on patients first, establishing mutual trust and encouraging open communication to ensure that they are delivering a dental experience unlike any other.

“We are a no-pressure practice,” says Dr. Mochnick. “We go the extra mile for all of our patients, but ultimately respect their decision regarding the dental care they are comfortable pursuing.”Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 3.53.19 PM