Small Group Training: a Well-Kept Secret

By Kelly Lewis, CPT

When you enter a gym, there are many options available to help you reach your fitness goals. You may choose to try and find your way alone, or you might seek help from a personal trainer. If you have never considered it, allow me to share with you another option. It is called small-group training. Small-group training (SGT) continues to gain popularity for a variety of reasons. If you feel like you have tried everything and not found the perfect fit for you, small-group training might just be the answer. Here are just a few reasons why SGT works for so many folks.

Personal Attention
Many of us have found ourselves in a large exercise class wondering, “Am I even doing this right?” Personal attention to participants is critical when it comes to helping them achieve maximum results. Not just in regard to correct form, but in the interest of safety. For a workout to be effective, it must be performed correctly AND safely. With small group training, the instructor has the ability to monitor these very key components of the workout and ensure that everyone gets the individual attention that they need.

Variety is also an important part of small-group training. Working with a personal trainer in a group setting ensures that your workouts will evolve and progress as your fitness goals change. Continuing to do the same workout over and over again is boring! It not only bores us, but it bores our muscles, too, which leads to frustrating plateaus. A good small-group trainer should stay on top of the changing needs of the group and adapt the workouts to ensure everyone continues to experience growth in their fitness level.

Camaraderie and Support
One of the most significant benefits of small group training is the support that participants receive from one another. It is so rewarding to watch participants encourage each other to get through the challenges of the workout. We’ve all had days when we did not feel at the top of our game. With small group training, those difficult workouts become a little easier, because you have co-laborers cheering you on. Plus, having someone exercising beside you can push you to do just a little bit more!

Finally, people have the tendency to stick with a program when they know others are expecting them to show up. This consistency provides results. Results motivate us to work hard and keep pushing toward our goals. Here’s the question…are you looking forward to your next workout? If not, you may want to give small- group training a try; it’s one of the best-kept secrets in the world of fitness.

C3 Fitness is here to help you! Are you interested in giving small-group training a try? We have groups for all ages and skill levels.  Call us at 403-0285 to learn more!

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