Stop Child Abuse Now

April is “Child Abuse Prevention Month.” Though children are abused all months of the year, April is the time our community focuses on promoting change and awareness in efforts to help prevent child abuse and neglect. It is important to place public concentration on the many reasons parents and children are suffering, so that they can receive the help they desperately need.

Among the many organizations striving to end child abuse is SCAN, “Stop Child Abuse Now.” This organization provides assistance for both physically and mentally abusive households. It doesn’t take a lot for someone to reach a breaking point. Some people lash out physically, while others do so verbally. SCAN understands how frustrating parenting can become, and the thousands of reasons parents may need a helping hand to avoid any risk of physical and/or verbal abuse.

SCAN provides a variety of programs in North Carolina, most of which are free, to offer that helping hand to struggling families. Services include 24-hour telephone counseling, intensive home-based intervention, educational training and workshops, supervised visitation, respite care, teen help, and more. Anything SCAN can do to assist at-risk homes—be it family risk assessments, referrals, or interventions—they will do.

SCAN also understands that not every household is abusive; that’s why there is such a wide variety of programs available. Sometimes, rather than an intervention, new parents might just need someone to talk to, or someone to help provide diapers and food for their children. SCAN is there to help through most everything, at almost every hour. Feel free to like SCAN’s Facebook page, which will provide details on the programs, as well as the many activities occurring this April. You can also visit their website,, or pick up pamphlets at their many locations, locally being 500 W. Northwest Blvd. in Winston-Salem. Also, they are available at (336)748-9028 should a phone call be more convenient.

Though SCAN plays an active role in preventing child abuse every day, the majority of the public does not. It is vital that our communities pull together and become more involved to stop child abuse. The best way to be more aware and give to struggling families is to give your time. Volunteers are always welcomed at SCAN, as long as they meet the requirements. Volunteering has many benefits. Somewhere between home visits and prepared dinners, families are patched up. It’s heartwarming work that George Bryan, Executive Director, and many others take part in every day. For more information on volunteering, feel free to call SCAN or visit their Facebook page, website, or their various locations.

Children are abused every day. We hope that you and your family will reach out to support the cause, whether that be through volunteering, donating, or spreading awareness with blue pinwheels and ribbons. Let’s all promote the cause together and stop child abuse now!