Taking Fitness to Another Generation: Senior Fitness at C3 Fitness

As a nation, we are living longer than ever before. For individuals in their 60s, research shows that they can expect to live another 20 years! That’s a lot of memories, experiences, and special moments to enjoy. What’s the best way to ensure that those Golden Years are some of the best years? Staying active both physically and mentally are the most significant contributions that one can make towards better health in their 60s and beyond. It is not necessary to join a gym to stay active, because opportunities for physical activity are all around you! Activities such as walking, gardening and swimming are perfect ways to keep your body moving throughout your more mature years. In addition to longevity, physical activity helps maintain a healthy body weight, enhances bone strength, aids in maintaining strong muscles and joints, helps in resisting disease and promotes psychological well-being. These sure are a lot of great reasons to stay active. Let me introduce you to a special group of ladies who do this so well!

I’d like for you to meet my friends, I call them “the ladies.” These amazing women have been faithfully working out with me at C3 for over five years! It is a true blessing to instruct and train them. Not only do they inspire me daily, but they have given me the gift of their friendship. Much of their success is due to dedication and consistency in their workouts. They mean business. Make no mistake; their class is not for sissies! I challenge them in every workout, and although they might grumble a bit, they press on. They press on because although the work is hard, they have firsthand experience of enjoying the benefits that an active lifestyle brings. These tough ladies aren’t without the occasional ache and pain, and they each bring their own set of limitations, but we work around them together. With this level of commitment, these ladies can look forward to their Golden Years being some of their best years! So, if you are in your more mature years…grab a friend and get movin’!

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