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Shopping consignment enables you to step away from the average, worn-by-all outfits of the season. Take a minute in class or at a party to notice what everyone is wearing. You may find yourself experiencing déjà vu; everyone looks alike! If you decide to shop at gently used clothing stores, you can develop your own unique style instead of blending in with your painfully monochromatic surroundings. I’m not saying you have to wear clothes from the nineties or shop in your grandmother’s closet, but clothes in the mall and outlet stores do not have a monopoly on “in” fashion. You create the newest trends, you determine what stores want to sell, and you are their focus group. So, take a little risk and look outside the ever-changing, but constricting box you have been shopping from.


Shopping consignment enables you to step away from the average. I often find myself blown away by how much shops think they can sell a single item for. On one occasion I stepped into a local store and began examining the merchandise. I had to do a double-take after I checked the price tag on a pair of blue jeans; $350 it read. Thinking it must be a mistake, or some sort of special exhibit for an overconfident designer, I checked another nearby price. The sleeveless shirt I was examining cost $200. Grinning bemusedly to myself, I went to the shop looking at the prices, no longer hoping to find a decent priced item, but just for kicks. An undershirt, $95. A knit sweater, $415.

Having grown up in a family of hard-core consignment shoppers, I found the store bizarre. Did ordinary people actually dish out $200 for a pair of jeans when they could buy 25 pairs at a thrift shop for the same price?

Not only can fashionable items be found in thrift shops, but also expensive brands, some even sporting their original tags, marked down to phenomenal deals.

If you find yourself in need of a new outfit but don’t have the budget even for a thrift shop run, you can raid your own closet to find clothes you no longer wear and sell them at your favorite consignment shop. It’s a no-brainer, and, if you play your cards right, you can even walk away with new clothes without opening your wallet.


Requires Diligence

I could list for you the deals, designer brands, and steals I have found over the years, but the take-away honestly depends on a number of complicating factors.

I have lived in many different places throughout my life, and each has a different view toward consignment shopping. In my hometown, barely anyone contributed to thrift shops, so no one shopped there. The cycle had been broken, and acceptable clothes were difficult to find second-hand. However, here in Winston-Salem, there are several establishments that generate a fantastic array of options.

In addition to the location variation, individual thrift shops usually require a good deal of diligence. When heading out to shop at consignment stores, you cannot expect to return with exactly what you were looking for; there are no guarantees. Take time instead to simply browse until the right item finds you! Deals come and go quickly in these businesses, and you must rely on being in the right place at the right time.


Less picky thrift shops often allow damaged, stained, or worn clothing to be sold. To avoid buying an item and discovering a major fault later on, you must take the time to examine it before purchase. It can be incredibly frustrating to discover formerly unnoticed blemishes after returning home.


There is a great chance of finding a piece of clothing you love, only to find out it is the wrong size. So, take a chance and broaden your horizons.

No matter where you shop, you must take into consideration the worth of the article of clothing you are partial to. Businesses have learned they can sell anything to anyone for any price as long as it is desired enough. Ask yourself how long this article of clothing will last and what the consequences would be if it was ruined tomorrow. Would you be out $8 or $200? So, before you buy that $300 jacket, it may be wise to check the outerwear section in your nearby thrift shop. Your bank account will thank you.

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