Start Where You Are

Article by: Terry Ammons

Start where you are. Start with your goal in mind. Start now!

The idea to “start” seems so simple and easy.  Why then, do so many fail at starting?  Especially with a fitness regimen?

Starting is the most difficult part, in my opinion, of making a desired change.  “Tomorrow” always seems like a great time to begin!  Or when there’s “more time” or “fewer aches” or “insert excuse here.”  And the decision to start is one you, and only you, can make.

But once you have made that decision to begin, what next?  For me, it meant working one-on-one, or in a small group, with a certified personal trainer.  Having that extra conscience, coach, cheerleader and counselor has made a world of difference for me, not only in my day-to-day well-being, but in my dedication and discipline to a healthy lifestyle.  A good personal trainer (and Kelly Lewis is beyond good!), can see in you things you can’t, possibilities that are achievable through ongoing effort, and variety and nuances with workouts that will keep you gaining strength, physically, mentally and emotionally.  Your personal trainer is your “magic mirror,” reflecting back a magnified version of your goals, your desires and your future.

While I would likely have made some effort toward my goals for personal health and well-being, I know without a doubt that having a personal trainer holding me accountable accelerated my achievements.  But more than that, Kelly supported me and worked with me through every “limitation,” every setback, every wall I hit, and creatively found ways to always make the next day better than the previous one.  She has a quote in her studio that really says it all . . . “Today I will do what most people won’t…so tomorrow I can do what most people can’t!”  However, I would add at the beginning of that quote, “Thanks to my personal trainer…!”

Thank you, Kelly, for helping me be strong enough to lug my photography gear during long events, for the ability to get down on the floor with my four grandsons, for the more frequent pain-free days in dealing with arthritis, and for being a true friend in this ongoing journey of life!  I am forever grateful that I am a genuine concern to you and not just another name in an appointment book.

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