The Benefits of Exercise: Improving Your Body and Your Relationship February…the Month of Love

By Kelly Lewis, Certified Personal Trainer

There’s something about Valentine’s Day that casts a candle-lit glow over an entire month. It seems that the world goes pink and red for twenty-eight straight days. Romance is blooming and Cupid is working overtime. The national flower becomes a sweet rose and chocolate is devoured one heart-shaped box at a time.

What on earth does Valentine’s Day have to do with fitness? Plenty. I’ll explain. Allow me to introduce a thought that might never have crossed your mind. (You knew I’d bring up the topic of exercise, right?) Okay, here goes…regular exercise and a healthy life-style contribute to improving your body AND your relationship! Now that’s something to get HOT about! Here are my Top Five Benefits of exercise on your relationship:

  1. 64ff--83273746-SFWStress Reduction: We all know that it’s true. Stress is a killer. It kills people quite literally and it can kill relationships, too. Stress never did anyone a favor in the emotional or physical relationship department. Working out individually or together as a couple is a fantastic way to beat the stress that nips at our heels every day. Nothing releases pent-up stress, anxiety and frustration quite like an old-fashioned sweaty work-out session.
  2. Quality Time Together: Who said that an amazing workout can only take place in a gym environment? Not me! Get up, get out, and get walking! Hold your partner’s hand and pound the pavement. Before you know it you’ll have conquered a few miles of walking and caught up on one another’s day. It’s a win-win! If you share a passion for the gym with your significant other, then try hitting the workout room together some time. Take an interest in their passion. Chances are that you’ll learn a new workout, a new sport, or at the very least make new (and very funny!) memories!
  3. Improves Mood: It is a widely known fact that exercise produces endorphins in our body. Endorphins are a wonderful gift to our mood and our spouse! When we participate in regular physical activity, we are allowing our body to release “happy endorphins.” The end result is essentially more joy, more energy and more vitality for life! Not only is that good news for our emotional health, but its fabulous news for our relationship, too!
  4. Renewed Self-Confidence: One thing is for sure…it’s difficult to love others well until we truly love ourselves. Exercise is an ideal way to improve individual self-confidence. When we rise to meet challenges and successfully conquer goals, something powerful happens inside of us. Of course, the physical transformation that results from working out is an added bonus. But make no mistake, true self-confidence happens from the inside out.
  5. Rekindles Passion! It’s the benefit that you’ve all been waiting for! It’s true! Exercise does indeed improve the romantic aspect of your relationship. Added energy and improved self-image are two reasons why exercise positively influences your intimate relationship. There are many more examples of how exercise improves bedroom activities…but this is a family magazine, so I’ll leave the rest of that scientific research up to you!

As you celebrate this month of love…remember how beneficial exercise and a healthy lifestyle can be to your body and your relationship. Because the truth of the matter is this…you can only love another as much as you love yourself. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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