The Harry Potter Guide to Dating Ginny Weasley

“At that moment, there was a diversion in the form of a small, redheaded figure in a long nightdress, who appeared in the kitchen, gave a squeal, and ran out again. ‘Ginny,’ said Ron in an undertone to Harry. ‘My sister. She’s been talking about you all summer.”’

We know exactly how Ginny Weasley felt upon discovering the boy she most admired was seated at her kitchen table. In lieu of making a good impression by speaking thoughtful words, smiling and feeling relaxed, she conveyed a deep secret. (Of course, one everybody in the Weasley family already knew.) Harry Potter learned Ginny Weasley liked him. Perhaps you haven’t knocked a porridge bowl to the floor in response to someone you adored entering a room, or placed your elbow in a butter dish after being asked a question. We all have at least one experience when the pangs of the heart result in feeling weak-kneed or tongue-tied. In a month full of great intentions, disappointments and budding romances, the Harry Potter guide will discuss what is needed to build the best relationship of all, unwavering friendship.

Great Advice

“‘Oy, you! ʼarry Potter!’ shouted a particularly grim-looking dwarf, elbowing people out of the way to get to Harry.”

“Hot all over at the thought of being given a Valentine in front of a line of first- years, which happened to include Ginny Weasley, Harry tried to escape.”

“I’ve got a musical message to deliver to ʼarry Potter in person.”

“‘Not here,’ Harry hissed, trying to escape…Harry would have given all the gold in Gringotts to evaporate on the spot…”  

Ginny didn’t realize the public declaration in sending Harry an anonymous singing Valentine was too grand. Her approach was all wrong. It would not take gifts to win his heart; instead, Ginny Weasley needed time to show her strengths as a witty, smart and independent girl. Later on, readers discover Hermione gave Ginny wonderful relationship advice. “Hermione told me to get on with my life; maybe…relax a bit around you [Harry]. And, she thought you might take a bit more notice if I was a bit more—myself.”

The Supportive Role

Quite simply, Harry Potter was “the boy who lived,” while Ron Weasley became “the boy who doubted.” How else to describe Ginny and Hermione respectively, but as the girls who “waited” and “knew.”

Harry needed a friend who did not waver or stray, but remained true. Ginny believed “Nothing’s impossible if you’ve got enough nerve.” She impressed more than Quidditch audiences, fellow members of the D.A. and teachers. Harry, too, was watching, and beaming at her natural gifts. He sought her advice and laughed at her dry humor. As readers, we sympathize with Harry’s feelings for Ginny. “Once or twice Harry considered asking for Hermione’s help, but he didn’t think he could stand seeing the smug look on her face; he thought he caught it sometimes when Hermione spotted him staring at Ginny, or laughing at her jokes. And to complicate matters, he had the nagging worry that if he didn’t do it, somebody else was sure to ask Ginny out soon….”

For the boy who was braver than he believed, Ron had to realize Hermione already “knew” his strength and weaknesses, and loved him.

“‘What does she see in Krum?’ Ron demanded, as he and Harry climbed the boys’ stairs. ‘Well,’ said Harry, considering the matter, ‘I sp’ose he’s older, isn’t he… and he’s an international Quidditch player….’
‘Yeah, but apart from that,’ said Ron, sounding aggravated….”

Love Arrives

In the Harry Potter series, we read about characters who regret their decision to wait and not act. Harry says, “I just wish I’d asked you sooner. We could’ve had ages…months…years, maybe….”   And, Ron, who commented on the book Twelve Fail-Safe Ways to Charm Witches, expresses his regrets, “If only I had this last year. I would have known how to get going with….”

And, it wasn’t surprising when “Harry looked around; there was Ginny running towards him; she had a hard, blazing look in her face as she threw her arms around him. And without thinking, without planning it, without worrying about the fact that fifty people were watching, Harry kissed her.”

Love is not a trick. It is not achieved with spells or love potions, especially the ones disguised as chocolate cauldrons. Sometimes, mutual feelings are already apparent, it just takes your own willingness to see clearly. Ron, holding the deluminator, heard a voice. “Your voice, Hermione. You said my name. …like a whisper. So, I clicked it, and this tiny ball of light appeared. It flew towards me… right through my chest and straight through me. …and, I knew it was going to take me where I needed to go.”

Next month, the Harry Potter Guide Defends Friendship.