The Mommy Diaries: A Whole New World

“The sun illuminates only the eye of man,
But shines into the eye and heart of the child.”
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson, Nature

There are abundant blessings and rewards to having kids, but one of the most fulfilling parts for me is the hope and amazement I am overflowing with every day, as my son explores the world. As my son’s curiosity continues to develop and grow, I get to see the world through a brand-new set of eyes and rediscover the world with him. His sense of wonder and discovery is unending.

Recently my little man has been fascinated with unfolding his tiny hands and extending his fingers. He can sit in his high chair or car seat for quite some time, content as he stares in awe at the mechanics of these appendages (hand, fingers, palm)—how they move, wiggle and grasp. He becomes transfixed, and I slow down and smile, my heart and soul warming, as I observe this tiny miracle of movement and life.

As an adult, I am easily made to feel jaded and burdened by the tasks and challenges of life, but when I hear my son’s laughter and see his bright smile, I feel hopeful, renewed. Just the other day, I was rushing to get ready, get out the door, be on time. The cackling laugh of my son made me pause. I stopped what I was doing and got on the bed to play, wrestle, nuzzle and hear is sonorous laugh, the sound filling me with complete and utter joy. I was reminded how important it is to stop, play and set aside the “to-do’s” of my hurried life for a moment.

His world is continually expanding, and it is so exciting to explore and rediscover with him. This has never been truer than in the past month as my son has started crawling. I must confess I was a bit worried; most of his other baby friends began crawling a few months earlier, and some are already toddling around. Lucas took his sweet time, but once he started to move, he has been rearin’ to go ever since. I will never forget the first time he pulled up on all fours and surprised himself by scooting up and over to an object of his desire; the wonder and bafflement on his face made my heart flame with pride and love.

As he has developed his crawling and scooting skills, it’s as if a whole new universe has opened up to him and me. He notices things both near, and far out of his reach. He now has an insatiable desire to move toward, explore and investigate new objects of every kind (especially non-toy items!). Everything around him and much further away now is an undiscovered land.

As I slow down, rediscover this world with him, I am reminded of the amazing beauty and wonder of our Creator and the astounding miracle of life. I still get chills when thinking of the mystery and wonder of how two tiny cells came together to create this most remarkable and precious young baby, my baby boy. I feel overcome with gratitude, love and awe, so blessed to learn and experience this world anew with my son each day.


Dear Baby Lucas,

You crawled for the first time today! It was so exciting to see you get into position, figure out your small body and how it works. I think you surprised yourself. I felt so proud and happy for you. Your father and I clapped in glee.

Now that you move, you want to get into everything. I love letting you explore, but I also get a bit nervous about the dangerous things you might not understand and that could hurt you. I try hard not to let my fear overtake my desire for you to learn and discover.

You really are moving more than ever before, twisting, turning, scooting, crawling; your small body seems to be one big muscle. Dad is already having fun mini-wrestling with you.

As we approach Thanksgiving this month, I can’t help but feel a deep gratitude for the blessing you have been in the life of your Daddy and me. You have brought such immense joy, love and laughter to our world.

Thank you, God, thank you, thank you for this blessing, this gift, this treasure, our son!