The Piedmont School − Reaching out for Success

When new students and their families first visit The Piedmont School in High Point, they immediately are drawn to the “family feel” of this unique—and warmly welcoming—learning opportunity.

“I think this is one of the greatest assets of our school,” says Kori Mackall, Director of Communications. “So many of our students come to us feeling defeated from their previous academic struggles, and it’s amazing to see how almost instantaneously they begin to let their guard down and open up.”

The school is geared towards young people who simply learn differently, and Kori says that once students finally feel like their environment mirrors their individual needs, success is right at their reach. “That’s when the blossoming really takes off, both academically and socially,” she says.

From its popular KinderAcademy to a newly added 9th- and 10th-grade online program, the school hopes to add one high school grade level each year, while staying true to the philosophy of small classes and individualized goals. For the new high school students, there will be a rigorous curriculum of face-to-face classes of the core basics—English, math, history and science—along with electives and certain online classes mediated by an on-campus facilitator.

For all ages at The Piedmont School a teacher/student ratio of 1:6 is the norm, a crucial element for students with ADHD and other learning disabilities. For this new school year, the staff expects 70 students from Kindergarten through 10th grade, with the youngest class focused on students who appear to be at risk of learning differently and not quite ready for a traditional classroom setting.

Head of School, Tim Montgomery, is proud to promote the school’s emphasis on respect and responsibility while fostering healthy social skills and enhancing self-esteem in its earliest, most tender developmental years. “When students enter The Piedmont School they can immediately take a breath,” he says. “They feel relief from fighting the system and enjoy a place where they are accepted and encouraged to learn and grow.”

With much of their success based on a unique approach to learning, reading, writing and math are taught at all levels via visual, auditory, tactile and kinesthetic methods. Skills are taught in smaller components, which is especially crucial for shortened attention spans, and the smaller class size allows for learning—and succeeding—at each individual’s pace.

In addition to their countless success stories in the classroom, The Piedmont School is also known for fostering a bond within the community. With a variety of activities such as charity runs, fundraisers and donation drives for several local non-profit groups, they also teach the value of building relationships outside of school.

“We value our community partners very much,” says Kori, speaking of both fellow educators in the area and the school’s wonderful advisory board. “Just like the support they give us, we try to teach our students the importance of giving back to their community.”

Past students—now college graduates—are perhaps the most faithful cheerleaders of what The Piedmont School has to offer, as are current parents. Terri Davies, mother to a rising fifth grader, says that upon entering The Piedmont School family, her own family breathed a huge sigh of relief.
“We knew this school could bring out my son’s talents and help him use them to his potential,” she says. “He has grown so much over the last three years and we can’t imagine him being educated anywhere else. He absolutely loves school, which is a testament to the wonderful staff!”

Besides its stellar reputation for learning, The Piedmont School also offers sporting opportunities (co-ed, and open to kids of all skill levels); a summer enrichment program that features art, music and drama and is open to the public as well; and the availability of need-based tuition assistance.


If The Piedmont School is the right direction for your child, call 336-883-0992 for more information or visit them online at The campus is located in High Point at 815 Old Mill Road.

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