Triad ECO Adventures

photo-4-SFWThere are so many amazing activities available to those of us lucky enough to call the Winston-Salem area home. Often times, we have no idea that these exciting experiences exist and never take advantage of them. One of the most fantastic companies around offers fascinating adventures for all those savvy enough to want to learn more!

“Triad ECO Adventures (TEA) is the result of my failing miserably at ‘retirement,’” said Hal Boyle, owner of TEA. “It is simply yet another answer to every silly statement that suggests ‘there is nothing to do in Winston-Salem.’ Growing a family and a prior business in Winston-Salem, I learned through the decades about the unique and incredible people-history and felt a strong need to try to connect the dots in an up-close, active, fun and passionate manner for visitors and new locals alike. We consider most any activity outdoors, at any time of the year, to be a superior lifestyle choice.”

TEA offers Segway tours, stand-up paddleboard excursions and other adventures in and around the Triad. “Segways are the absolute perfect way to see (and hear) a whole heck of a lot throughout our city in a relatively short time period, which I have enjoyed doing around the country and around the world.” These tours give residents and visitors a unique view of the city, showcasing areas and histories many people do not know exist.

Stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) is also a fantastic way to get beneficial exercise, while having fun and experiencing the beauty of the local landscape. “Paddle boarding throughout the leaf-changing season locally on Salem Lake is as breathtaking as tranquility can get,” said Boyle. “Driving to the mountains is no longer necessary. Our in-depth PaddleFit ‘Intro-2-SUP’ session is for beginners, as well as for folks who have had a marginal experience elsewhere. Like any sport, certified instruction is most important to safety and a lifetime of enjoyment…never skip building a good foundation in the beginning. Once someone gets through PaddleFit basic training successfully, he or she qualifies to participate in affordable board rentals, a free sponsored ‘Spontaneous SUP MeetUp’ group, Glow-Paddling adventures, PaddleFit Fitness SUP and PaddleFit Tec-1 instruction, should he or she so desire.”

photo-2-SFWSUP, a popular activity for those living in coastal communities, is a remarkable activity on any body of water, especially in the Triad. “With proper SUP, you have access to lakes and rivers in an eco-friendly manner that you otherwise just don’t have,” said Boyle. “And, if you should ever decide to own a SUP, you can also consider it terrific art for your wall when you are not on the water, if you make a ‘cool’ selection! We are all very passionate about SUP because of the tranquility, harmony, fellowship, travel and exercise it provides. Like with a triathlon, traveling to SUP races and destinations and meeting other active, fun people is yet another bonus to the sport!”

TEA offers these great experiences at remarkable prices. “Unlike Charlotte and Raleigh, where you can find compatible lessons at $99, our initial PaddleFit Intro-session is $64, including quality boards, paddle, vest, leash and whistle,” said Boyle. “Discount offers can be found from the Salem Lake staff, as well as occasionally with Living Social and Groupon. By utilizing the Forsyth Family code in our SUP advertisement, immediate savings are provided at the time of your online or direct booking. Intermediate lesson ‘packages’ are available, too, at the PaddleFit Tech-1 level, as is totally 1:1 private instruction.”

If you are looking to experience all Winston-Salem has to offer in a new way, let Triad ECO Adventures reinvent this beautiful city for you! No matter what time of year, there is something fun available, including year-round SUP. “Falling into the water is totally incidental to the sport, but you must know how to swim,” said Boyle. “But if you listen closely to your PaddleFit instruction, you shouldn’t be falling in…so, let’s dress warm and go learn to paddle standing up, whenever the sun is shining mid-day throughout the winter!”


Triad ECO Adventures is located downtown at GATEWAY (176 YWCA Way) in Winston-Salem and is open seven days a week (by appointment or by chance). For more information, call 336.722.7777 or 336.345.2557. You can also visit the website at

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