V’s Barbershop: America’s Favorite Barber Shop

A lot has changed in the barbering industry over the years. For instance, did you know that before the 1800s many barbers were also considered surgeons? That’s right, they not only groomed your hair, they also performed various necessary surgeries as well, including repairing broken limbs. I think even today’s barber is happy that practice no longer exists. However, there are some things that haven’t changed, including one early tradition that dates as far back as 5th century B.C.

That tradition is the art of socializing, and it has become a staple of the profession as much today as it was then. The early Greek barbers encouraged local gossiping to fill the time while performing the typical services of hair grooming, styling, and beard shaving and trimming. Of course, today, it’s not as much about gossip as it is about merely enjoying the comradery and social interaction with your trusted barber while discussing sports, politics, the latest news events and more. This tradition has continued, perhaps because there’s just something about barbershops that makes them seem natural as places where you can let your guard down and simply enjoy the company and experience.      

When a young Adam Thomas was growing up, relishing his rite of passage into manhood by having his hair no longer cut by his mom, and instead at the local barbershop in the small town of Austell, Georgia, outside of Atlanta, he never thought that one day he would own a similar service in Winston-Salem. To hear him talk about it, though, there is a significant difference in the early experience he had, versus the one he provides his customers today. This difference centers on the retro-classic, and yet upscale-stylish, environment and enhanced services his customers can experience at V’s Barber Shop at 380 Knollwood Street in Winston-Salem.

A sophisticated environment that embodies the beauty of old-school appeal combined with a contemporary touch, incorporating the luxury services of today, was exactly what Adam had in mind. One step inside V’s Barbershop and there’s no question he hit the mark. From the black-and-white diamond-checkered tile floors to the thick, rich leather chairs and chrome accents and footstools, with ceiling fans providing gentle breezes, V’s takes you back to a simpler time. Next, V’s blends in modern amenities, including a personal high-definition flat-screen television at each station, and significant and interesting sports memorabilia photographs adorning the emerald-green-and-brick-veneer-accented walls. The cherrywood stations topped with granite provide a feeling of both opulence and casual comfort at the same time. V’s offers the finest men’s grooming products, including Jack Black, American Crew, Suavecito, Upper Cut, Layrite and more, along with V’s own select brand of specialty shaving products. Adam reveals that these offerings are a big hit with his customers, who understand the benefit of using superior products to achieve their best appearance. Topping off the ambiance are the soothing sounds of contemporary jazz music playing in the background. You can see this is clearly not your grandfather’s barbershop.

Although the environment is important, Adam knows that excellent services are equally important, and V’s strives to provide the best to pamper their customers—grooming choices that include haircuts and styles from traditional to the latest trends, shampoo, straight-razor shaves, and beard and mustache trims. There’s also added features like facials and facial massages, and even the classic shoeshine. To top it all off, V’s provides a complimentary hot-lather neck shave and relaxing shoulder massage after your haircut that rejuvenates your mind and spirit to take on the rest of your day. V’s has taken the chore out of getting your routine haircut and replaced it with a feeling of anticipation and pleasure. This is a refined, masculine resource to visit and experience one of the best solutions to a tired, hectic, demanding day, and that’s no other than their hot-towel, straight-razor shave. The facial and facial massage are also excellent services to turn your busy day around to a more positive note and leave you feeling restored, refreshed, and relaxed. V’s prominent signature hot towels make these experiences even more soothing and enjoyable.

Adam makes a point that today’s barbers, with all the new services offered, require special training to be the best. That’s why he’s happy to have such a great staff of male and female Master Barbers available that are experienced and highly skilled at what they do. You’ll feel comfortable and confident knowing you’re being groomed and styled routinely by artisans in their craft.

He is pleased to be able to offer these upscale services and products to his customers at very affordable rates, with haircuts starting at just $15 for boys and $21 for men. Special Packages and Gift cards are also available that make it easy to provide a nice relaxing experience for that special someone for any occasion. Being the proud father of his son, Grant, who is a member of the United States Navy, Adam has a special bond with military servicemen, which is why V’s is delighted to offer military personnel (both active and veterans), police and firemen, along with V’s senior customers, a 20% discount on services every day.

Adam advised, “One of the best parts of this business is getting to know new people along with building strong friendships with existing customers and families. Watching the families grow and seeing what was once little children become grown men and [then] becoming loyal clients in their own right is a most rewarding experience. I enjoy being a small part of their family’s rich history.”

Aside from his business Adam has been able to pursue another passion he’s always wanted to explore, and that’s the sport of auto racing, both from the perspective of sponsoring a car and driver, along with driving his own #22 sponsored race car. On spring and summer weekends, from the end of April through August, you can find him along with the Brown Style Race team including Jonathan (a.k.a. Jon Boy) Brown and Joseph (a.k.a. BoBo) Brown, at Bowman Gray Stadium racing; Adam in the Stadium Stock Division and the Brown brothers in the Modified division. After the season is over at Bowman Gray, he plans to race at Caraway Speedway, located near Asheboro, and then on to the historic half-mile oval at Myrtle Beach Speedway. Although quite new to the sport, he’s really enjoying the time he’s had thus far, as he said, “I’ve gained a lot of experience, and I’m having fun.” He adds, “I wish everyone in Winston-Salem would check out Bowman Gray racing; it’s so much fun and so affordable, and it’s good family entertainment.” Feel free to cheer for Adam in the #22 car sponsored by, who else but V’s Barber Shop, among others in the Stadium Stock Division.

Of course, Adam is also very proud of his local barber shop business, which opened its doors in February of 2013. The community has truly embraced his shop and his excellent team of master barbers. Adam says, “I’m thrilled with how the community both supports and values the local merchants, which is important. Our loyal and friendly customers that come in every day make providing this service all the more enjoyable and rewarding.” He’s happy to work and live in Winston-Salem, stating, “With what this city has to offer its residents, we’re very fortunate to enjoy a great quality of life and with some really good people.” There’s no other place he’d rather be than a city rich in culture and heritage, a city that appreciates the arts and theater, provides high-quality sports, dining and entertainment options, and is simply an ideal place to raise a family.

You owe it to yourself to experience V’s Barber Shop at 380 Knollwood Street in Winston-Salem. Whether you’re looking for a great haircut and style, a relaxing straight-razor shave, beard and mustache trim, or a soothing
facial or facial massage, this is the place to go. You may want to try out their package deals like “The Whole Deal,” which includes a haircut, old-fashioned shave, face mask, moisturizing crème, relaxing shoulder and facial massage, and lots of V’s signature hot towels; or “The Works,” that offers a shampoo, haircut, old-fashioned shave and a complimentary hot lather neck shave and relaxing shoulder massage. Finally, there’s the “Big Day Package” for wedding parties, offering the groom and groomsmen many of the same services already mentioned and completing the experience with a complimentary cigar.

Adam sums up V’s Barbershop experience in this way. “We are that old-fashioned, hot-lather-straight-razor-shave barber shop like you and your dad went to as a kid. We give you an incredible experience and all at a price that won’t break your wallet. Aside from our quality services, we also have fantastic natural hair care, shave, shower, body and other men’s grooming products that allow you to continue to look good and feel good in between your routine visits.”

V’s offers an authentic sense of nostalgia, coupled with generous amenities that leave you feeling pampered in style, and is the undisputed leader in hot-towel-and-lather straight-razor shaves. Make them a part of your grooming routine and you’ll no doubt benefit from making good friends, always looking your best, and revitalizing your day.

To learn more or schedule your appointment online, visit their website at vbarbershop.com; you can also download the V’s Barbershop App from the App Store and Google play, or give them a call at (336) 245-8461. Even better, just drop in to say hello; they’re open Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, and Saturday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Walk-ins are welcome, and they’re always glad to see you, after all, it’s a guy thing!