V's Barbershop Celebrates One-Year Anniversary

12FF-IMG_4015-136-SFWThere is no limit to the amount of attention received by salons and spas that help women look and feel their best. While most assume men do not care about appearance in the same way women do, a visit to get a haircut or get a straight-razor shave can be about so much more than the resulting look. For men, whether they know it or not, visiting a business such as V’s Barbershop is relaxing, therapeutic and can be stress-relieving and calming in an otherwise chaotic world. Men deserve a little attention as well, so instead of going to the corner barber, who hurries customers in and out of an uncomfortable chair, let V’s Barbershop show you how good a little extra care can feel!

“I think men deserve a great place to go to relax and get a service they need—a haircut,” said Owner Adam Thomas. “In addition, they can get a great hot-lather, straight-razor shave, which is not available anywhere else around Winston-Salem. The experience at V’s Barbershop is unlike any barbershop in town and is good for men and boys of all ages.”

This month, V’s Barbershop celebrates its one-year anniversary, thanks to the dedicated staff, wonderful customers and convenient location! “We picked our location based on the demographics of the surrounding area,” said Thomas. “This location gives us a 10-mile radius draw that covers almost 150,000 people. In addition, we are able to serve employees of Wake Forest Baptist and Forsyth Medical Center.  The two account for a significant base of customers that fit our profile perfectly.”

To celebrate the anniversary, V’s Barbershop has great incentives for old and new customers alike. “We are going to offer month-long promotions on our different shave packages, so that we can showcase the one thing only available here at V’s,” said Thomas. “Also, on April 5th, we are going to have a big celebration, where we are giving away barbeque and drinks, along with T-shirts, hats, and more gift items. It will be a day filled with fun for the whole family, and, of course, the guys can get a get haircut or shave.”

For those who have taken advantage of the personal touch and extra steps V’s Barbershop takes to make the haircut experience enjoyable, the difference in the expertise of the staff is evident. “We are one of the only places that has all barbers—people who are trained to cut men’s hair,” said Thomas. “Also, we encourage everyone to enjoy the experience of a straight-razor shave. It comes complete with numerous hot towels and lots of products to soften the skin, and makes for an incredible experience. I have never met anyone who experienced a shave at V’s who didn’t have a thoroughly great time.”

Take advantage of all the luxury and relaxation available at V’s Barbershop. It’s a great way to pamper yourself in a manly way!

V’s Barbershop is located at 380 Knollwood Street, Suite C in Winston-Salem. For more information, call 336.245.8461.