V’s Barbershop Honors Men of Today and Yesterday

By David Willard

Charlie Hix once said, “Looking good isn’t self-importance; it’s self-respect.” For many men, that self-respect begins with a clean shave and a nice haircut. They are two simple things that can make all the difference. Fortunately, V’s Barbershop realizes this, and its mission is simple: give a man what he wants.

A franchise that was began in 1999, V’s Barbershop was started by Jim Valenzuela as a result of great childhood memories with his own father, going to the barbershop. When looking to make his own memories with his son, he found it near impossible to find “the local barbershop.” So, like any good entrepreneur, he found a need and filled it. Since that time, V’s has grown to multiple locations across the country.

In February of 2013, Adam Thomas was also looking. Thomas was looking for a business to start. At that time, Thomas found Valenzuela’s business concept and realized he had found a great fit, and Winston-Salem had found a local barbershop. Now located at 380 Knollwood Street, Suite C, V’s offers not only haircuts and trims, but also memories of days past.

“I was semi-retired and was looking for a change and for something I could own and grow, but did not have to be there 24/7. V’s gave me this opportunity; plus, I was drawn to the concept of how the shop was a throwback to yesteryear. Hot- lather straight-edge shaves, shoe-shine attendant, awesome products to use when not at the barbershop, etc.” says Adam Thomas.

V’s markets itself as “it’s a guy’s thing,” and works hard to bolster that image. “This is a place where guys can be guys and get a great haircut, shave, shoe shine, or just stop in for a cup of coffee or soda and chat with friends. Our store walls are covered in sports memorabilia that give you the feel of a guy’s place as well,” continues Thomas.

Proof of V’s dedication to its key demographic is their Father and Son Package, in which a discount is given for any father and son who come in together to get haircuts. “It is nothing more than a small discount to both the father and son when they come in together and get a haircut,” adds Thomas. “We do this as a way to encourage this bonding of father and son, and it is something that was a normal thing back in the day. Dad took his sons to the barbershop on Saturday to get their hair cut,” he continues.

One of V’s Barbershop’s most popular packages is “The Works.” “In this package, a customer receives a haircut along with a shampoo, followed by a straight-razor face- and neck-shave. It also includes lots of hot towels and great products that leave you feeling fresh and relaxed. A free shoe shine is also included with this package at no additional charge. Everyone owes it to themselves to experience this package,” concludes Thomas.

Of course, the measure of a man is not in the clothes that he wears or how cleanly he is shaven. However, when a man feels good about how he looks, it can make all the difference. V’s Barbershop recognizes this and honors the men of the past by keeping tradition alive. They also honor today’s man, by showing him the best of himself with every razor shave and scissors trim. In fact, in today’s society, offering an opportunity for a father-and-son trip to the past, where they can make new memories together, sounds like perfect medicine…even if it’s in the form of a hair product.