V's Barbershop

V's Barbershop photo 2 ResizedV’s Barbershop is a locally-owned franchise, the motto of which is, “It’s a guy thing.” Step inside, and you’ll see why. You’re confronted with a guy version of paradise, a man cave with barber chairs. And not just any barber chairs. V’s Barbershop has original chairs from the 1950s!

Over each barber station is a large-screen television, projecting the sport du jour. Banners from local colleges; photos of sports that range from baseball to NASCAR; golf equipment placed in strategic locations; and an array of manly magazines concerned with sports and gentlemanly fashion create a masculine environment. Even before he gets into a chair, any man will feel manlier just walking through the door. Every barber who cuts and shaves at V’s is a certified Master Barber. I was fortunate enough to get a head shave and facial shave on a recent weekend. In my case, Master Barber Shane Derrick did the honors.

My head shave was first. I should note that I’ve been shaving my head at home for about six years, but I’ve never had it done professionally. The process was more complex than I ever would have imagined. I lost track of the number of different potions and lotions placed on my pate. Hot towels were used between…let’s call them “courses.” Eventually, out came the straight razor…or should I say straight razors, plural. Of course, not every man wants to have his head shaved. That’s OK. V’s also offers excellent hair styling by its Master Barbers as well. During the time I was there, other barbers cut hair of a local soldier, a ten-year-old boy in a baseball uniform and a distinguished older gentleman. 

V’s doesn’t just offer guys a chance to look their best, it offers a place in which it’s OK to be a guy and talk about guy things. While there, I overheard conversations dealing with college football, the wisdom of military actions and the manly inability to understand women. The bottom line is that V’s offers a great experience for those of any age who carry a y chromosome. 

And if your hair is already spiffy, don’t worry. You can always get one of those old-fashioned shaves one remembers from times gone by. It’s a lost art, and one that should wage a comeback. I got to put my feet up and relax. Layers of skin bracers and moisturizers were applied prior to lathering up my face. Now, I don’t have a beard, but I’ve got that kind of facial hair—a la Fred Flintstone or Richard M. Nixon—that gives me a five o’clock shadow by 10 a.m.

The hot towels opened my pores and felt great. Various straight razors made my 10 a.m. shadow a thing of the past. The stubble on my face was attacked like a platoon storming an enemy-infested beach. After about thirty minutes, my face was smooth as a baby’s…well, let’s just say it was really, really smooth.

When the battle with my head and facial hair was won, I actually felt lighter and refreshed. I also felt very, very manly. Every man within driving distance of V’s should experience a real shave. And he should get it at V’s Barbershop from a Master Barber who wields a straight razor with ninja-like precision.

In addition to great haircuts and shaves, V’s also offers men’s facials and even has an old fashioned shoe-shine attendant. V’s carries an extensive array of hair, shave and skin products—to use when you are not at V’s—from great brands such as Aveda, Redken, The Art of Shaving, Jack Black and American Crew. 

Be sure to stop into V’s Barbershop and get the treatments you deserve. If you want to give a great gift to someone, be sure to pick up a V’s Gift Card as well.

V’s Barbershop is located at 380 Knollwood Street, Suite C, across from the entrance to the Thruway Center. Drop-ins are welcome, or make an appointment by calling 336-245-8461, or find them online at vbarbershop.com.