Why and How Come?: December

Our children have questions, so many questions—will their curiosity ever end? Let’s hope not. This month some of my small friends wanted to know about animals. So here we go.

Question: What is the fastest animal on earth?

Answer: The Peregrine Falcon is the fastest bird on earth, with dive speeds exceeding 217 miles per hour. The Cheetah is the fastest land animal and runs 60–75 mph.

Question: What is the slowest animal on earth?

Answer: The Three-toed Sloth. With legs and feet shaped to hang from trees, it’s hard for sloths to walk on the ground, run, or stand upright on their feet. It would take a sloth nearly a month to walk one mile! They prefer to hang around in trees; they eat, sleep, and even have babies upside down.

Question: What is the BIGGEST animal on earth?

Answer: The Blue Whale can grow to be 100 feet long and weigh up to 200 tons! On land, the African Elephant rules. They can be 10 to 13 feet tall and weigh 10,000 to 13,000 pounds. 

Question: What do frogs eat?

Answer: Frogs are carnivores, which means they eat other animals. Mostly they eat bugs and fish. But, sometimes, really big frogs eat fish, small birds, reptiles and other frogs.

Question: What animal lives the longest? How old can they get to be?

Answer: The Ocean Quahog (which looks like a clam) can live to be more than 400 years old. The oldest one was 507 years old! Bowhead Whales have an average lifespan of 200 years. On land, the Galapagos Giant Tortoise is the oldest living species, and can survive to well past 100. The oldest recorded was 152 years old. Macaws (a bird) can live to be 60–80 years. And African Elephants, the largest surviving land-animal, can live to be up to 70 years old.