Why and How Come: Monsters and Mysteries

By Stacy Leighton

There’s just something fascinating and even magical in knowing that all mysteries are not yet solved. These unsolved mysteries may pique your family’s curiosity and spur further investigation.

Big Foot, Yeti or Sasquatch

“Bigfoot” in North America, “Yeti” in the Himalayas and “Sasquatch” (or “Hairy Giant”) in Canada all seem to be part of the same mythical species. Indeed “big,” they stand 7-9 feet tall and weigh 600-900 pounds. The first recorded sighting was in 1811 in Jasper, Alberta Canada. Even then, newspapers often printed hoax stories to amuse their readers. Hoax or not, since the late 1800s, there have been more than 3,000 sightings of Bigfoot, Yeti or Sasquatch.

The Loch Ness Monster

Aka “Nessie” is believed to live in the inky-black waters of the 700-foot-deep, Loch (Lake) Ness in Scotland. Nessie became international news when a photo surfaced in 1933; however, she has been in Scottish folklore since 500 A.D. Since then, countless claims have been debunked. But in 1975, Boston’s Academy of Applied Sciences combined sonar and underwater photography and detected unexplained, large, moving, underwater objects. Later photo enhancement showed an enormous fin, thought to be similar to a Plesiosaurus. The myth remains unsolved.


Almost every culture throughout time has talked about dragons. So much, you’d think they might have existed; scholars spoke of them even as late as 1886. Ancient Sumerians wrote of dragon slaying, ancient Greeks and Mayans worshiped them. In China, an entire science was built around their bones. Even Norse and Christian mythologies specifically mention dragons. Alas, most scientists today believe what was found and thought to be dragon bones were really dinosaur bones. Or were they?

Area 51

A top secret, completely off-limits government testing site in southern Nevada. It was originally called the “Groom Test site,” established by the CIA in 1955. Conspiracy theories surround it due to the secretive nature of classified aircraft research and reports of unusual phenomena. Consequently, Area 51 has become the stuff of legend for UFO enthusiasts around the world. These rumors have been neither confirmed nor denied.