How to Work Out When You Have Morning Sickness


Finding time to work out can be hard. Motivating yourself to work out can be challenging. What’s even harder? Working out when you are experiencing morning sickness. I’m offering you tried-and-true tips to help during this phase in your pregnancy! If you aren’t pregnant, you can also use this article to help you work out through any nausea or sickness.

Morning sickness can involve throwing up, dizziness, nausea and headaches, and for every woman it is very different. No two mamas are the same, so please keep this in mind with the tips below. If it doesn’t feel right to you, don’t do it. The main idea is to do what makes you feel the best!

  1. When you first get up, or prior to your workout, eat a few crackers or a handful of cereal. Getting something in your system can help keep the nausea at bay. Experiment with different foods, because food sensitivity is a real thing when pregnant. What used to taste good to you before you were pregnant, may not taste good to you now that you are pregnant. Make sure you hydrate before your workout as well, to help prevent headaches.
  2. Getting moving can sometimes make you feel better. Try to keep the jumping and high-impact movements to a minimum to help protect you and your baby. Before going into your workout, tell yourself that you could feel better after you work out. That alone is great motivation to get moving and sweating!
  3. Try different workouts. Don’t get discouraged if you walk into a workout class and all of a sudden feel sick. If you feel sick, leave the class and take care of yourself. You may have to alter your workouts from those before your pregnancy. If you used to do Metabolic Effect high-impact workouts, but they now make you feel nauseated, don’t force yourself. We can put a lot of pressure on ourselves, but this is the time of your life to give yourself some grace and try different things. Keep trying different workouts until you find something that you love and makes you feel good. This could be a walk in your neighborhood, yoga, a Body Pump class at your local gym, or a YouTube video at home. Choose what works for you and try not to compare yourselves to others! Just because Susie Q did Crossfit her whole pregnancy doesn’t mean you have to do the same!
  4. Walking is your friend! Cardio in general is great to get your heart rate going. Your body is changing and catching your breath can be more challenging. Working your heart by upping your cardio (elliptical, walking, jogging, spinning) is a good practice for you and your body. Walking outside and experiencing the beautiful natural world can also be a good meditative practice to help calm your mind, with all those pregnancy emotions.
  5. Hydrating before, during and after your workout is essential. During your pregnancy it is key to drink more water and fluids throughout the day. When you work out, keep that theme going and chug the water! If water isn’t something you love, place lemon, cucumber and/or mint slices in a pitcher with water and try that out. It tastes like the delicious water they serve at spas!
  6. Lastly, talk to your friends about how you are feeling. If you have a workout buddy that wants to go to a Hot Yoga class, but the thought of that makes you want to curl up in a ball, communicate this to your friend. She may not know, because she isn’t in your situation. Suggest another class or activity.




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