Wrights Landscaping: After Five Years of Projects at This Home, It’s Not Just a Business Relationship Anymore

Chris Wrights and Richard and Christie Chance have enjoyed lunch together on the Chances’ back deck many times over the past five years.

They talk about life and family, mostly. The conversation usually begins with an update on Chris’ wife and sons. After that, Chris and Christie may spend an hour or so in the backyard brainstorming and bouncing ideas off each other for new landscaping projects—thinking through what will work, how it will look, and what will make the most financial sense. Christie has a vision, but she always lets Chris add his professional, creative touch to the projects. Five years and a beautiful yard later, it is clear that they work well as a team.

“When Christie first called me, she and Richard had just moved here from California,” said Chris. “Another company had removed all their front landscaping. My work began by putting in all new shrubbery in front of the house, along with a large perennial bed and rose garden.”

From there, the project list grew. Stacked stone walls were added around all the beds. A stepping stone walkway was laid, leading from the front to the back of the home. An arbor was placed at the front of the walkway and coral bells, ajuga, and creeping jenny were planted along the path.

Christie and Richard enjoyed their new landscaping so much that each spring they would think of another project to further beautify their home—such as adding additional stone walkways, a rock creek bed for rain runoff, small boulders around flower beds, and a bench for sitting. Their multiple beds are full of color, with plants like hydrangeas, hostas, ferns, lamium, and caladium. They look forward to adding a fire pit soon.

Chris’ 14 years of experience in the industry helps to guide him when faced with new projects that require careful thought and planning. “This year another patio area was added at the top of a walkway,” said Chris. “We had to think through it; because of the slope of the land, a block retaining wall had to be built.” One unique challenge of the Chances’ backyard is that it is almost entirely in full shade, which limits the types of plants that will thrive there (edgeworthia, daphne, and hellebore have proven great additions). Overcoming such challenges makes Chris’ work even more rewarding.

Gazing out from a seat on the Chances’ deck, it is almost impossible to tell that you’re sitting in the backyard of home in the middle of a neighborhood. It looks more like the view from a mountain cabin in the woods—a green, peaceful, private getaway.

As pleased as Christie and Richard are with their home, Chris is equally pleased and proud. “Some landscaping companies aren’t going to put that kind of time into planning,” he said. “They want to come in, make a plan, get it done, and move on to the next project.” That’s where Wrights Landscaping is different, he says.

In Christie Chance’s words, “Chris has an impeccable work ethic combined with a good heart. We love him.” The relationship Chris has built with Christie and Richard is much more than a working, business relationship. After years together and many back deck lunches and conversations, the three are more like family.

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